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If it isn't obvious, I've never so much as touched art in my life. I hope this style isn't enough to push people away from the game! I'll have all the lighting and stuff fixed up before the end hopefully, but I wanted to get something out so I can see if it's at least alright-ish looking. So many people have such great art here!

That's nice. The lack of perspective is a good choice. I'm not sure about the filter.

I honestly had no idea that there was an automatic filter applied, whoops! I'll get rid of it and see if it looks better :D But thank you!

Yep, like the art. Much much better than my art.

Maybe the crt filter should be disabled in the theme.

Also, maybe try one of the different packaged fonts, maybe daad or delta_10 or clairsys_10?

Thank you for letting me know, had no idea that was an option. I was planning on changing the font but I had no idea what to, thanks for the suggestion! 

"I've never so much as touched art in my life."

You could've fooled me. This looks great. It's perfect for the retro style that the jam is encouraging.

Thanks so much, that makes me happy to hear! I hope I can fit the rest of the art into the game just as well

If you need inspiration, check out the images of games like Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders or maniac mansion on MobyGames.