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New update, the good news is the game loads but still sluggish, the bad news is when playing there is no joypad support only keyboard and the controls are highly unresponsive making the game unplayable sadly.

Sad to hear that. It would of course be interesting to know what kind of specs you have.

my specs are.

Processor=AMD Athlon (tm) II P340 Dual-Core Processor 2.20 GZ & 64 Bit operating System

hope that helps :)

I see. That is a pretty old CPU, and I do not even have anything that old that I can test with. Anyway, I've uploaded a new version that contains a config file for the game where you can tweak things, like testing with OpenGL instead of DX10, or windowed mode. 

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DeathStrike_v1_1 the controls are not responsive/out of sync when trying to control your ship making the game unplayable & no joypad support, and also comes up with an Error message before the game starts which does not stay on the screen long enough to take a screen shot, where is the config file please ? thanks

The file is called DeathStrike.conf and is next to the executable.

I think your game  is too fast  when playing, that is why its not responsive or out of sync using keyboard to try & control your ship