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looks totally Awesome!!, cant wait for full release & will be purchasing, keep up the amazing work :)

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Sorry to let you know the new game update keeps crashing same as before & this screen shot is what happens when i click on the game icon thought this might help solve the problem. Hope you can still help me get your game to work please, Thank you :)

I would love to play this game & is there any chance i could get it to work in English environment or any other ideas ?, Please can you help ?  Thank you & much appreciated :)

I have tried everything to get this game to work including Windows Vista compatability & big dissapointment every time, Amazing looking game that does not work & i have also tried it on my windows 7 laptop with the same negative results, please can you help ? would love to play this game, Thank you.

Totally Awesome Shoot Em Up & Amazing Gameplay, Love everything about this game and so glad i donated, Cant wait for the full release & will purchase on day one, Keep up the excellent work guys, Both Thumbs Up :)

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Inviyya 2 looks totally amazing, cant wait & incredible work :) HYPERBLASTER AWESOMENESS!!!

Is this game still in the making or as it been cancelled ? cheers :)

Good timing & Awesome news, I will be purchasing, Thank you :)

Awesome shoot em up demo with a mix of R-Type/Gradius & Thunderforce. love the colourful pixel art work & music, any plans on making a full game ? :)

Is this game any where near finished ? cheers :)

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Love the new updates makes the game a bit more easier with lives to be able to carry on without starting at a checkpoint or beginning of a level every time you die, I need a bit of help & guidance please, I am stuck on the first boss on stage 2 the two turrets on either side and a red barrier that i cant seem to destroy, I  have spent ages firing at both left/right turrets and red barrier and nothing happens ? Thank you :) 

Totally Awesome shoot em up demo and cant wait to purchase the full version on release day, Keep up the great work guys :)

SHOOT EM UPS 4 LIFE!!!    Read the backers comments ?

Awesome shoot em up, love it!!!, Excellent work :)

Awesome game and great work :)

This totally awesome game is a masterpiece, Absolutely love it and incredible work, Both thumbs UP :)


Thank you so much Sarah, The game is working perfectly now on the CS64 Emulator and its Awesome!!!, Hope you had a great Christmas & Happy New Year 2022...Love your shoot em ups their are the best, Thanks again :)

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Can anyone please let me know which is the best C64 emulator to play the game Snow Force ?, Iv'e been using this emulator CS64 V3.9.2 to play Soul Force-GS64 Certificate Rom without any problems but sadly i cant get Snow Force to work on this emulator at all, any help will be much appreciated, Thank you :)

Purchased your game, Awesome retro style shoot em up with a bit of influence from R-Type and of course your own originality, love it and Amazing work :)

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So Awesome, look forward and thank you for making a totally amazing game. :) 


Well done guys this Shoot em up is absolutely Awesome and love the original power up absorbing bullet shield system and loads of amazing game play value, by far the best bullet hell/heaven game out there yet, total masterpiece, love it....Both Thumbs UP!!!

Love the new 7th level, Excellent job Michael/Tigerskunk :)

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Awesome shoot em up demo=LOVE IT!!!, I look forward to the full release, Excellent work :)

Great Shoot em up Demo and inspired by Gradius, look forward to a full release of your wonderful game, I will be purchasing and keep up the excellent work :)   SHOOT EM UPS 4 LIFE!!!

New level sounds great, i cant wait!!! look forward ;)

Great news i have a just bought a more powerful PC so i can now fully enjoy playing your Fantastic Shoot em Up and it wont be long now for the full release, Cant wait :)

That is great news, Thank you for letting me know,  look forward to purchasing your awesome game on release day and excellent work :)

is this game still in the making or as it been cancelled ? cheers

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That is great news, i will be purchasing, Thank you, look forward to the full release of your Amazing Shoot Em Up :)

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As this game been cancelled or still in the making ? very good shoot em up and hope to see it in full completion :)

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Gradius/R-Type meets Galaxian/Galaga=ITZ A MEGABLAST!!!

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Thank you so much for making this Awesome Shoot Em Up, Well worth the wait & love playing it and all the extra goodies, Excellent work guys.

Purchase this game you will not be disappointed.

Both Thumbs UP :)


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Play the INVIYYA ADF file on the winUAE Amiga emulator go to game ports settings and select what controller you are using & you can click AutoFire on and off it works great. :)

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Purchased yesterday, Totally Awesome game Love it and right difficulty as well, Excellent work pal,  Both thumbs up..SHOOT EM UPS 4 LIFE!!!

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I have lowered my PC resolution to 800 X 600 and your game works so much better now, especially the Cinematic sequences which are totally Amazing, Love your game its very impressive and cant wait for your full game to be released, i will be purchasing, Awesome work :)


Awesome shoot em up but sadly to powerful game for my laptop to handle, what a shame i well want to play it and excellent work, i will be purchasing anyway and eventually when i can afford a much better powerful laptop i will be able to appreciate and fully enjoy playing it :)

Your game is to be released on my Birthday how awesome is that and cant wait :)    SHOOT EM UPS 4 LIFE!!!

Can i please donate some money for all the hard work you have put into your game, well more than worth it, cheers :)