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The Game now launches but with one small problem, when title screen appears and says press Start to play, their is no keyboard or joypad support so sadly the game is still unplayable, almost there and I have to give you feedback just to let you know what's happening, thank you

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Thank you for your help, looking forward to playing the game when this minor problem is solved :)

the demo game launchers without any problems, the full game keeps showing this error, hopefully it will soon be fixed :)

this is the message in the log file

[FATAL] Failed to create texture. : d:\programming\db_engine\engine\source\framework\graphics\dg_dx10_texture.cpp(99)


Sorry to let you know, the full game is not working, i click on the game icon & i get this little box message saying, Failed to create texture, the demo works perfectly, please fix & thanks again for a free Amazing shoot em up :)

Amazing Fantasy Shoot em up, Beautiful colorful graphics, Love the variety of enemies & cool bosses, great weapons & controls, nice music, totally Awesome game, keep up the Fantastic work, both thumbs up from me & purchased :)

Totally Awesome game Demo, is this still an on going project, i really hope so because i love this game so far, amazing graphics, lots of variation in enemies, cool weapons, overall very good game, keep up the great work and both thumbs up from me :)

off course i will purchase immediately when the full version is released :)

this shoot em up looks totally Awesome I am so looking forward to the final finish and purchasing it,  excellent work guys, both thumbs up :)

I'm happy to wait, I know this games more than worth it, Thank you for making this Awesome game :)


I know there is lots of different side scrolling shoot em ups out there, this game has quality original ideas using sound weapons which i think is Awesome ,  i have not got passed the first level boss yet so i don't know how many stages there is in the game but if there is only one stage at the moment i would love to see this game fully complete with lots of stages, variation of weird enemy sounds and crazy bosses, also extra weapons or am asking to much at the moment :), love this game & excellent work, both thumbs up from me :)

Totally love this game, will they be a download version of this because i will be more than happy to purchase G-Type just so i can play it offline ? , Awesome work, both thumbs up from me :)

This game is purchased instantly on the day of arrival, played the demo and totally love it,  this Awesome shoot em up game has it all, so looking forward to playing the full version and not long now, Excellent work guys, both thumbs up from :)

Thank you so much for your kindness, I am really looking forward to playing the full version of your Awesome game, both thumbs up from me & thanks again :)

Just played this Amazing game Demo now, seriously cant wait to purchase &  play the full version of this wonderful shoot em up, some nice original touches as well & keep up the great work guys, both thumbs up from me :) SHOOT EM UPS 4 LIFE!!!

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Awesome retro style shoot em up, I'm really enjoying the demo and look forward to purchasing the full version, keep up the great work :)

is this game on hold at the moment ? Because what I've seen of the first level so far it has so much potential and the retro style graphics are amazing  and everything else, I would love to see this game to full completion that would be Awesome and offcourse I will purchase it immediately :) Amazing work so far guys keep it up :)

I dont mean too sound stupid but what program do you need to play this awesome looking  game please ?  i really want too play this looks great, thank you :)

awesome game and it works perfectly, love it  & thank you for making it, both thumbs up from me :)

R-TYPE meets GALAGA what a totally awesome combination of two amazing retro classics , offcourse i will support you and purchase this game when it is finished and a bit extra, well worth it,  keep up the fantastic work & both thumbs up from me :)