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Awesome retro style shoot em up, I'm really enjoying the demo and look forward to purchasing the full version, keep up the great work :)

is this game on hold at the moment ? Because what I've seen of the first level so far it has so much potential and the retro style graphics are amazing  and everything else, I would love to see this game to full completion that would be Awesome and offcourse I will purchase it immediately :) Amazing work so far guys keep it up :)

I dont mean too sound stupid but what program do you need to play this awesome looking  game please ?  i really want too play this looks great, thank you :)

awesome game and it works perfectly, love it  & thank you for making it, both thumbs up from me :)

R-TYPE meets GALAGA what a totally awesome combination of two amazing retro classics , offcourse i will support you and purchase this game when it is finished and a bit extra, well worth it,  keep up the fantastic work & both thumbs up from me :)