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Love the new 7th level, Excellent job Michael/Tigerskunk :)

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Awesome shoot em up demo=LOVE IT!!!, I look forward to the full release, Excellent work :)

Great Shoot em up Demo and inspired by Gradius, look forward to a full release of your wonderful game, I will be purchasing and keep up the excellent work :)   SHOOT EM UPS 4 LIFE!!!

New level sounds great, i cant wait!!! look forward ;)

Great news i have a just bought a more powerful PC so i can now fully enjoy playing your Fantastic Shoot em Up and it wont be long now for the full release, Cant wait :)

That is great news, Thank you for letting me know,  look forward to purchasing your awesome game on release day and excellent work :)

is this game still in the making or as it been cancelled ? cheers

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That is great news, i will be purchasing, Thank you, look forward to the full release of your Amazing Shoot Em Up :)

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As this game been cancelled or still in the making ? very good shoot em up and hope to see it in full completion :)

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Gradius/R-Type meets Galaxian/Galaga=ITZ A MEGABLAST!!!

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Thank you so much for making this Awesome Shoot Em Up, Well worth the wait & love playing it and all the extra goodies, Excellent work guys.

Purchase this game you will not be disappointed.

Both Thumbs UP :)


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Play the INVIYYA ADF file on the winUAE Amiga emulator go to game ports settings and select what controller you are using & you can click AutoFire on and off it works great. :)

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Purchased yesterday, Totally Awesome game Love it and right difficulty as well, Excellent work pal,  Both thumbs up..SHOOT EM UPS 4 LIFE!!!

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I have lowered my PC resolution to 800 X 600 and your game works so much better now, especially the Cinematic sequences which are totally Amazing, Love your game its very impressive and cant wait for your full game to be released, i will be purchasing, Awesome work :)


Awesome shoot em up but sadly to powerful game for my laptop to handle, what a shame i well want to play it and excellent work, i will be purchasing anyway and eventually when i can afford a much better powerful laptop i will be able to appreciate and fully enjoy playing it :)

Your game is to be released on my Birthday how awesome is that and cant wait :)    SHOOT EM UPS 4 LIFE!!!

Can i please donate some money for all the hard work you have put into your game, well more than worth it, cheers :)

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Totally Awesome Shoot Em Up, Amazing retro graphics, Great weapon Mechanics and Charge Beam, especially the nice influences from the classics of R-Type and Einhander, Cool music, Smooth Controls and so fun to learn. 

Love your game and Excellent work :) 


How are you getting on and are you just doing the finishing touches before the release of your game ? cheers :)

I love the box art work of inviyya and just wondered if you have a 1280 x 720 pic so i can have it on my desktop displayed, that will be great thank you, look forward to the release of your game :) cant wait!!

Awesome shoot em up, i will be purchasing and amazing work :)

So looking forward to the release of your Awesome Shoot em up  game, 

I have got my pre-order..Cant wait and Amazing work pal :)


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CCS64 V3.9.2 Emulator

Soul Force GS64 game File  (Security Certificate)

Go to OPTIONS and click INPUT 

Calibrate Joysticks press D-PAD on joypad Press ESC

Calibrate JoyAdapter press FIRE BUTTONS on joypad Press ESC

Click Video in OPTIONS to adjust your preferred screen size 

Press F10 When you want to quit CCS64

Works great, Have Fun :)

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Love this game its a masterpiece and i think it could be the biggest side scrolling shoot em up on the C64 with 20 different stages with  super smooth scrolling and enemies galore, Awesome Bosses, lots of weapons and great music, highly recommended...Buy this game its the best..Amazing work Sarah (Protovision) Both thumbs UP :)


CCS64 V3.9.2 Emulator

GS64 game File 

Go to OPTIONS and click INPUT
Calibrate Joysticks press D-PAD on joypad
Calibrate JoyAdapter press D-PAD on joypad
Press ESC

Just purchased your game on STEAM, absolutely love it and yes of course i will write a positive review...Highly recommended Buy this game and Awesome work guys :)



That is great news, look forward to playing your new Beta update...HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021

Please let me know when your game is finished, that will be great cheers pal, Hope you have a good Christmas :)

I'm sure not long now or days away from the release of your wonderful shoot em up game, in other words have my money and a Christmas bonus thrown in for all your hard work, Cant wait :)

Thank you for your reply & cant wait to purchase your Awesome Shoot Em Up :)

Hi pal, how are you getting on with your game ? cheers :)

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just letting you know guys i'm still very interested in your mind blowing Amazing game, i don't have a twitter account but i can always look on there anyway & i am more than happy to follow you on here (Itch.Io), i can imagine the progress may be slow because of this Covid 19 Enslavement garbage that's destroying everybody;s lively hoods and businesses so sad indeed and i hope you are all well &  good ?,  Can i ask a small favour about controls i am useless at using WASD keys and much prefer ARROW keys if you can please add that to the controls that will make the game so much easier for me to play, Take care & Thank you very much :)


have you nearly finished your game ? cheers :)

i bet youve had enough of me lol only because i really want to play your amazing game and im baffled why it refuses to launch and not respond at all, my laptop is now working at its very best. my computer specs are Toshiba Satelite L750D, Physical Memory 8 gigabytes, wondered if that might help ? thanks :)

I've unfortunatley come to the conclusion your game does not work on my windows 10 laptop whatsoever, just had my computer totally fixed and tried everything before hand to never get your game to launch!! :(

Awesome shoot em up with great potential only thing i will point out the ship you are controlling is too fast and makes it hard to avoid enemies and enemy fire, please slow the ship down that will be great, thank you and overall Amazing game & excellent work guys...Both Thumbs UP!!

very good shoot em up, love the pixel retro graphics and great gameplay, so lookIng forward to purchasing the full release of this awesome game...Excellent work...Both thumbs UP!!


That is great news, Look forward to playing/purchasing the full game when it is released..Keep up the Amazing work :)

I think its a cancelled project ? not heard anything new or updates from these programmers for quite a long time before the corona virus plannedemic, very good shoot em up with lots of potential is looking no more, what a shame :(