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just letting you know guys i'm still very interested in your mind blowing Amazing game, i don't have a twitter account but i can always look on there anyway & i am more than happy to follow you on here (Itch.Io), i can imagine the progress may be slow because of this Covid 19 Enslavement garbage that's destroying everybody;s lively hoods and businesses so sad indeed and i hope you are all well &  good ?,  Can i ask a small favour about controls i am useless at using WASD keys and much prefer ARROW keys if you can please add that to the controls that will make the game so much easier for me to play, Take care & Thank you very much :)


Totally Amazing original shoot em up and mind blowing graphics :)

keep up the Awesome work :)

have you nearly finished your game ? cheers :)

i bet youve had enough of me lol only because i really want to play your amazing game and im baffled why it refuses to launch and not respond at all, my laptop is now working at its very best. my computer specs are Toshiba Satelite L750D, Physical Memory 8 gigabytes, wondered if that might help ? thanks :)

I've unfortunatley come to the conclusion your game does not work on my windows 10 laptop whatsoever, just had my computer totally fixed and tried everything before hand to never get your game to launch!! :(

Awesome shoot em up with great potential only thing i will point out the ship you are controlling is too fast and makes it hard to avoid enemies and enemy fire, please slow the ship down that will be great, thank you and overall Amazing game & excellent work guys...Both Thumbs UP!!

very good shoot em up, love the pixel retro graphics and great gameplay, so lookIng forward to purchasing the full release of this awesome game...Excellent work...Both thumbs UP!!


That is great news, Look forward to playing/purchasing the full game when it is released..Keep up the Amazing work :)

I think its a cancelled project ? not heard anything new or updates from these programmers for quite a long time before the corona virus plannedemic, very good shoot em up with lots of potential is looking no more, what a shame :(

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Very good shoot em up with great ideas, lots of cool enemies and awesome bosses and well designed stages...lots of fun and excellent work guys..Love this game :)


is this game a still on going project or as it been cancelled ?

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Very good shoot em up with impressive retro/modern graphics, Highly addictive gameplay and good controls, Love the spaceship/enemy designs and Amazing bosses, Right difficulty, Cool weapons/Charge  Beam and two shields that protects your ship from eitherside, Eerie Atmospheric music, 12 Big levels to overcome, Great value for money...If you love side scrolling shoot em ups,  Highly recommend buy this game...Excellent work guys.

Both Thumbs UP!!!  

Love This Game :)


quite original and very good shoot em up with great ideas, i would love to see a full version of this Amazing game, i will most definetley purchase, Excellent work guys...Both Thumbs UP!!!

can you please notify me when your games fully finished, thank you :)

your game is Amazing what i can play of it but sadly your game freezers a lot, please fix, thank you :)

im having problems, the game wont launch at all and says godot engine not responding, im using windows 10 pro and everything is up to date, please can you help me resolve this issue, i really want to play your game, thank you :)

so looking forward to playing this AMAZING full game, cant wait!!

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how are you getting on with your game is it almost finished ? cheers :)

just finished the game and i think you know what im going to ask next lol ?

More levels please for my game addiction, very good shoot em up with great playability & excellent music & everything else...Both THUMBS UP!!!

Love this game, great influence of R-Type....i cant wait for Arengius 2 to come out ? 

Thanks so much again i can happily progress further & your fast responce, ive finally got to the stage 2 Boss and very impressive he is too, Overall this is a very good game and well worth more than your asking price, theirs more expensive games that are no way near as good has this one.  yes it is very challenging game but so are most side scrolling shoot em ups including the 80's Classics Gradius and R-Type their are still very hard. cheers pal :)

I really appreciate that, Thanks so much again, also I think getting much older as  something  to do with my not so quick reaction these days lol, yes very impressive Shoot em up and hopefully I will have more of a chance of getting further now, cheers :)

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Hope you guys are safe in italy ? with all the chaos going on with this CROWN VIRUS epidemic.

all i want to know is this game cancelled or not ?

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Thank you for your reply, that is Awesome news to hear, i will be playing & watching  this game like a HAWK,  seriously this game is far too good to get abandoned which was my main worry, you are a genius game programmer with loads of tallent, cant wait to see the final game, im very happy to pay more than the asking price....This games totally Amazing and very impressive...Both thumbs UP!!!!

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Thank you pal, Thats great news, cant wait to buy & play your game :)

Greets from the U.K.

very impressive and quite original looking shoot em up with great ideas...I will be back to purchase & amazing work :)

Awesome shoot em up...Impressive & great work...Both Thumbs UP!!!

very impressive shoot em up, Awesome use of colours and parralax scrolling, love the ship design & cool weapons, looking forward to the release of this Fantastic game and Excellent work..i dont own an AMIGA computer but i have an emulator...will their be a Rom release of INVIYYA  for purchase ? Thank you :)

dead link :(

looks a very good shoot em up, wheres the download please i would love to play it, thank you :)

Very Good Shoot Em Up with great game mechanics and lots of weapons. only problem is the difficulty is far to hard even on easy ive practised stage 2 for a long time and no chance of beating it, i know theres 3 continues to help you get through part way...i think 3 lives and 3 continues to have a chance of getting further, i really want to progress and see more levels because their are very impressive stages full of surprises and Awesome bosses, overall Excellent Game and lots of potential, please make the game a bit easier especially when im only a single player.. most appreciated & thank you :)

So Far Amazing looking shoot em up..Keep up the Excellent work :)

Awesome retro style Shoot Em Up..Maybe a tribute to the original Space Impact on old nokia phones...excellent work :)

Awesome looking shmup, is there Bosses at the end of the 4 stages ? :)

great looking shmup but will the final BOSS be the Deadly Corona Virus or HIV which mutates into full blown AIDS which makes the boss even more powerful ? sounds a good idea :)

you are not related to Manfred Trenz by any chance lol just kidding,  only because you are a very talented games programmer who really knows how to make Awesome shoot em ups, keep up your excellent work...Both Thumbs UP!!! :)

Pretend im the big audience lol only kidding, i totally understand and i am no programmer, but i can imagine all the hardwork and all the effort thats put into a lot of these games and to be unsure if people are going to be interested or not, i honestly think this game as so much potential but its the chance you have to take. if i ever become rich i will fund it because i am a huge fan of retro side scrolling shoot em ups especially games similar to Gradius & R-Type..Unfortunatly ive come across lots of high quality abandoned games on here because of the lack of interest..Such a shame :) thank you 

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most definetley purchasing this amazing game when it comes out...Totally Awesome shoot em up & please dont to see this to full completion i hope ?

excellent work...Both thumbs up :)

Awesome shoot em this game still on going  ?  i hope so :)