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Moar.  Bugs.   :P

#18:   Something is off with the personal bedrooms.  I have the maximum number of 10, but two of them are full even when the communes house everyone.  I have been mostly reserving personal rooms and the master bed for quest characters, so that might be one vector for the bug.  Haven't sold off anyone, but have released some undesirable newcomers.

#19:  The aesthetic for the Umbra guild interface is a bit ugly, because it retains the adventure graphics.  This is different from the other city guilds, which clear away the interface to allow the background image.

#20:  If you don't have enough gold to teleport from a city, then sell enough goods to get the money, the teleport option won't be permitted.  You have to exit and enter the city to reactivate teleportation.

#21:  Cursed Blades are not considered to be enchanted items for the Umbra exchange.   Their description box has gold text, while their inventory listing is green colored.   I think that the green listing should be changed to gold.  Ditto goes for Anyaris's rapier.

#18 people that are "away" from the mansion still take up space in your mansion.  They effectively have a bed "reserved" for them that no one is allowed to use.  Which type of bed it is depends on what they were using at the time of their departure.  Away slaves include such things as Grade changing and Specialization learning from the slave guild, pregnancy recovering, injury recovery, laboratory recovery, Alchemy quest, and possibly more.  There is no way to remove someone from a reserved bed until they return to service in the mansion.

#21 not sure where you see green that you want to be gold.  Within my inventory both Cursed Blade and Ayneris's Rapier I only see gold text.  Within the tooltip for both of these weapons I see: gold name, white details, and yellow weight (there is no green anywhere).  If I click inspect on either weapon I again see only gold, white, and yellow colors.  If I equip them I still see no green anywhere.  Can you be more specific where the green is?

#18:  Yup, you are right.  Figures that I would miss that detail.  :)

There really should be a separate "benched" section for servants that acts as a sleeping space while they are away from the mansion.

#21:  The item list, on the left.  Anyhow, I figured it out - I loaded up a savefile after booting the game, and removed Anaryis's rapier.  It was listed as gold.  I got some cursed blades, did my usual thing, and removed her rapier again - green.  Did it with a living armor, and got the same result.

With further investigation, I found that the text color in the item list is dependent on which storage area you are in.  While in personal storage, all gold items are marked green, but will have their appropriate color while kept in the mansion inventory.

19.  Yeah, it's got a few GUI problems, probably fairly minor.
20.  Indeed, shops are pop-ups without location changes (easy way to tell the difference is screen fading) so no button updates are triggered.  Visiting anything in the city that causes a location change would have the same effect as leaving and returning.  I feel that screen fading needs to be improved in general, but it's not worth the effort as a bugfix.