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Just FYI, multiple mods can alter the same file.  That was one of the things fixed by the 0.5.25 release.

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Don't try to load a file and then figure out whether or not you were successful.  Check to see whether or not the file exists.  Make use of the 'File' class and the function 'file_exists'. (Although I haven't looked at the function you are calling.  Maybe that already tests for existence).

Updated to include bug-fix V2 changes in files used by Info or UI patches.

UI also fixes some issues with full-body image toggle.

Info mod now rounds off cleaning numbers rather than truncating (to better match other displays).  It also fixes clicking the race button from within the MC's information screen.

2019-09-20 update:
Fixes minor issues with full-body toggle and merges in bug-fix V2 changes where appropriate.

2019-09-20 update:
Fixes rounding off cleaning, player-race popup, and merges in bug-fix V2 changes where appropriate.

No worries.  The < means look backwords.  The \s means black space.  Without the \s DarkElf is treated as different from Elf, but Dark Elf is not.

how do you do what?

potion: make potion, pick person you want to drink it, and go to item - use

mutations: cast mutation spell or build up the slaves toxicity and mutations will happen automatically

save file: open it with any text editor and change it however you want (make a backup of the file first in case you break it)

Various sizes, including height (I believe) can increase when aging (drinking a maturing potion).  The same sizes can shrink from a youth potion.

Lots of things, including skin covering, can change from mutations.

As for changing either of these things to a specific setting of your choice, only way I know how to do that at present would be to modify the save file directly.

I can't say I read back through this thread any, but I would imagine it should be taken one step further.


That makes a ton more sense.  My brain substitutes words like that all the time too, but never made the connection.

Sounds like an entertaining tale.  That said, I'm a little confused by it.  I'm assuming the brother you keep referring to is Hade, but he isn't her brother.

370x608 I got by opening the code and looking at the size of the panel where the images are put.  Likewise, 500x1080 I got from looking at the game's images that it uses and looking at their size.  I do not know that there is actually any official size.  I simply know that 500x1080 is the size the game currently chooses to use for its own images.

Well, your question does not really have a correct answer.  The game's "official" full body images for uniques are 500x1080, as EpitaphGamer stated.  So one can infer that the game is designed to display with that ratio in mind (or that future changes will continue to have this ratio as the design base).  But, there are multiple places where full body is displayed and the display area available to them are not the same sizes nor ratios.  So there is no actual, "just right" size.  And while the full body images are 500x1080, the shadow-images used as default in gear selection are 375x430 (which is obviously a vastly different ratio, but still a place where full body is shown).

All that said, what I imagine you are actually asking is, what is the size of the component into which the full body image is shown on the mansion screen that hovers over the master-list of slaves.  That thing is currently 370x608.

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I think the OP makes it pretty clear that the mod works only with the version 0.5.22 that is also available in the OP.

No, it does not currently work with the most recent release.  Side note, 0.5 is not a complete version number.  The latest release is 0.5.25, while this mod works with 0.5.22. (although I believe the author is working on updating it)

If changes were being made to the request system, I'd be more inclined to suggest that the request should be tailored to the requester more so than simply creating more requests.  I find the whole sex interaction to feel a bit forced already, as I must do it to gain mana rather than wanting to have fun in the sack.  The request system further forces my hand by telling me specifically which actions I must chose, rather than letting me do what I want.

Plus, the requests, themselves, never make much sense.  Everyone is constantly begging to be humiliated, use their rear, or various other actions that they've never even done before.  If a person loved anal and that person continually kept asking for some rear action, well that I could understand.  Or if a person was submissive, maybe I could see their constant demand to be humiliated.

Either way, I often get anywhere from 0-5 requests from each slave per series.  I find that to be more than enough.  I would hate to up the number to where every single turn was nothing but me needing to fulfill a demand.  If I wanted all my turns dictated to me I would simply click the button that lets one of the slaves lead the action.  Besides, just because a person is not lewd doesn't mean they do not enjoy sex.  Perhaps they may be a bit less adventurous, but that does mean their orgasm count should automatically be less.

The mod files are generally not replacements, but only contain SOME of the information contained in the original.  You can manually merge the game files yourself, but you can't not simply overwrite one with the other.

Not everything is visible from the images shown, but of the information provided, it all looks correct.  And the game certainly looks like it believes it has  installed the mod.  If you open that "AricsExpansion" folder you should see 2 folders,, and info.txt.  If that's what you see when you open that folder, then you've put it in the right place.

#18 people that are "away" from the mansion still take up space in your mansion.  They effectively have a bed "reserved" for them that no one is allowed to use.  Which type of bed it is depends on what they were using at the time of their departure.  Away slaves include such things as Grade changing and Specialization learning from the slave guild, pregnancy recovering, injury recovery, laboratory recovery, Alchemy quest, and possibly more.  There is no way to remove someone from a reserved bed until they return to service in the mansion.

#21 not sure where you see green that you want to be gold.  Within my inventory both Cursed Blade and Ayneris's Rapier I only see gold text.  Within the tooltip for both of these weapons I see: gold name, white details, and yellow weight (there is no green anywhere).  If I click inspect on either weapon I again see only gold, white, and yellow colors.  If I equip them I still see no green anywhere.  Can you be more specific where the green is?

Looked a bit further into it.  It seems the forced counter is only used by the old sex system which is no longer in use.  So, yes, it looks like it will currently always remain zero.

As far as I know, once you have asked them for intimacy in the meeting phase of interaction and they say yes, you can never again rape that slave.  You can only rape someone by going straight to the sex, rather than meet, portion of interaction and choosing to have sex with someone in the list whose name is red.

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tooltips: It is possible more places need a "sanity check" to clear possible artifacts that remain on screen.  That said, lingering tooltips do not have anything to do with the boffing mini-game at all.  Various tooltips are created generally from moving  the mouse across the border (from outside to inside) of items that have tooltips set on them.  These same tooltips are then hidden when the mouse moves across a border in the reverse direction of that same item or any other that shares the same tooltip feature.  There are ways to manipulate software such that the mouse never actually crosses the boundary in the reverse direction such that it can be detected (especially if using keyboard shortcuts to launch new screens).  All of this is generally not a problem until the player navigates to an entirely new screen when there is no usage of that same tooltip style and thus no boundary to cross to make it go away.

Long story short, the tooltip is almost certainly already on the screen (somewhat in error).  And then you are clicking and going into the boffing scene.  While it isn't a fix, you can pay closer attention to when tooltips are present when you do not desire them to be and move the mouse appropriately to close them prior to advancing on to a different environment (as a workaround until more sanity checks are in place).

But mentioning how you went about launching the boffing game without the tooltip already being turned off would be useful information.

Really though, the names of chars in the boffing area should be changed to have the char tooltip anyway (which would give the player a way to turn it off).

Nudity rule requires branding the slave (actually I believe it requires branding them twice, to fully upgrade to advanced-branding).

As for birthing, if someone has a baby then you get a new slave.  That's all the consequence there is.  That said, it is a little more complex then that.  There are requirements and costs associated with giving birth.  If you do not meet the requirements or wish to pay the cost then you do not get the slave and life continues on.  Also, there is some recuperation time for a mother.

Simply using the numbers from the first post:

lingerie +5
ring +10
private room  +10
private room mansion upgrades +10
Better food +5
Personal bath +5
Cosmetics +5
Pocket money +10

Which sums up to a possible 60 total luxury given to a slave.  Certainly enough to handle a demand of 40.

That said, yes, the first 4 items are the only ones that are a one-time only fee.  And those max out at 35.  So with a noble that does not have a trait to lower luxury demands, a player will need to give them at least 1 of the daily rewards which have a small recurring cost.

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okay, apparently auto-buy of supplies is not broken.  But it is also not really auto-buy.  You must have buy set to true in the settings, but you also must have someone working the market job.  And even then, they will only manage to buy a small amount of supplies daily regardless of what the number is set to.  They will buy so long as your current supply is less than the set value to keep on hand.  But they don't buy the amount to "reach" that amount.  (so if you use more than they buy your supplies will continue to go down until you run out)

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While auto-buy supplies feature is there, it looks like it may currently be broken.  Just as an fyi.

As for ledger, I don't disagree on its usefulness.  I was simply stating that when I started to create something along those lines I found some of the information difficult to obtain and stopped my effort prior to creating a full report (but my info mod does supply more information than what exists in the base game).

Maybe I'll look into updating it to list more detailed information about luxury expenses.

Some I agree with, others not so much.  Some I've thought about implementing in a mod, but the design of the code makes them impractical until some reorganization happens.

1. I wouldn't like this as clicking on a slave would then require me to move my mouse away before the image appeared. Things that may help you with the current design are: use body images with transparent backgrounds, toggle the body image on and off as you need (my UI mod relocates this checkbox to the main toolbar and has a keyboard shortcut), make use of the mod (tweaks and other things, or some name to that effect) that allows keyboard navigation of the slave selection (so you don't need to click on slaves but can simply scroll up and down through the full list with the keyboard).

2. Full ledger was more pain than I was willing to do until reorg (although my mod does break down job earnings and daily total, so much of it is available).
As for price estimates for selling servants, I'm not sure I follow.  Price estimates for bandits pre-capture I could understand as a desired new feature.  Once a slave is your servant stepping into any slave guild will give you  exact worth for everyone, so what added value is an estimate?

3. Already exists in the buildings options/settings (forewarning does not exist, but daily auto-purchase when running low does).

6. Idea may or may not be worth implementing for some.  Personally I find that upgrading my farm with "Improved Treatment" prevents/lessens stress gains to the point where I never have need of ever removing/resting anyone working there.

9. Is also not convenient until the code is reorganized and so I skipped it in my mod (although others may feel differently)

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I suppose it depends if you have an edited version of that shifts the line numbers.  I'm actually the one that reported the bug and the fix I was using to solve it.  After line 1278 isn't an absolute necessity if you prefer it elsewhere.  I just choose to put it last thing before  "gameloaded = true".  However, if you were thinking it is counter intuitive because you are thinking the directions mean to include it "inside" the previous else, well, that's not the intent.

The farmmana dictionary entry didn't exist on old saves and so I added it when loading.  I never did check to see if a game started from scratch in 0.5.25 would create the entry or not (either way it would be fine after a save then load, but if new games also fail, then an additional fix would be needed [and may exist in the bug fix]).  At some point the game tries to test the value of farmmana and errors if it doesn't already exist.

I have no knowledge of any official timelines or plans at all.  That disclaimer aside, there is a bug fix that has been available for a while now over on discord as a download and drop over the top of your 0.5.25 install.  The "farmmana" bug is the only fix I'm aware of that is required to prevent crashes.

If you do go to discord to find the patch, it's a post from ankmairdor  found in the #mods channel (  Search for "Added fix for halfkin" and it should find the right post.  If you use my (or any other) mod that is installed as a patch, be careful the order installs are made.  For my mods specifically, the file is the only collision.  And my mod already has the bug fix portion included from that file (so either install everything from the bug fix except that file, or install the bug fix and then my mod over the top).

About your own mod, I have noticed it before and really like the keyboard navigation through the slave list in the mansion.  Comes in quite handy.  Also, the inventory sorting is a must.

Can not say I've hooked up things like mass spells or any of the export features though.  I tend to play keeping spell usage almost exclusively to combat.  Not come up with any use for the export either (I see you say you use it for the repeatable quest system, which certainly could use help.  As it is I just ignore the quest system when I play.)

As you say, modding the game is a lot of the fun.

Just had a moment to do some quick testing.  I did a clean install of the game and applied my Navigation Information Combo patch.  Then I turned on the Pregnancy mod and everything worked fine for me.  So my guess is that it is an install problem.

The game's mod system is certainly a bit quirky.  It creates backup versions of files and some things trigger the backup files to be copied back over the game's files.  It's possible the game did this and replaced/edited a needed file.

If you are still having trouble, I'd suggest doing a clean install.

1. Turn off all mods.

2. Unzip the game into a new directory. (delete/or don't, the existing game folder, but do not extract the clean installation over the top of the existing game)

3. Drop in my patch mod (any single one of my Info Mod, Nav Mod, or Nav-Info Combo).

4. Start game and turn on Pregnancy Mod.

5. Restart game and play.

It sounds like you are getting an error somewhere and so the game just doesn't finish the request of popping up the combat team window.  I just did a fresh install of the v0.5.25 game and then dropped my navinfocombo directly into it from the zip file I uploaded and combat team button and team selection all comes up correctly and works fine for me.

Are you using any other mods?

Are there any warnings/errors in the game's secondary window?

Changing the UI certainly isn't the most straightforward with the mod system.  For my UI mod I went the direction of building the entire UI bar all by itself (and as a new/separate file).  Then I modded script files to strip out the old components and patch mine into place.  You could also do it by directly modifying the original UI, which would reduce a little of the patch work (although would still need to edit a number of things in the script to make it compatible).  Going this route becomes a little trickier if multiple people/mods want to change the UI.

(1 edit)

Busy, extended weekend for me, so I won't get a chance to look into it [until weekend is over].  That said, I can't think of any reason they should be incompatible.

I will mention that since the UI and the Info mods both are installed as a patch, they must be installed first.  Then any mods must be turned on after.  If they still don't work together tell me what you actually see (error messages or missing text in the window, etc).

I suppose I ought to add posts when I update the OP so people know what has changed.

Anyway, posted a new toolbar for the mansion.  It is downloadable as a stand-alone or as a combination mod with my Information Organizer.

(5 edits)

3. Navigation toolbar for the mansion redone.

Mansion Navigation UI Mod - (updated 2019/09/20)

2. Information Organizer Mod has now been upgraded to work with Strive 0.5.25
Info organizer - (updated 2019/09/20)
Contains both previous 5.24 info mods:
Mansion Info
Day End Info

1. Pregnancy Mod (small text change to buttons)

Screenshot example of mod in action.
Pregnancy Mod Page - (updated 2019/08/26)

As AK says, I also use the statistics view of a slave.  I compare number of times pregnant versus number of times given birth.  If the 2 numbers are not the same, she is pregnant (although this method stops being quite accurate if a slave ever aborts/miscarries).

(1 edit)

I agree that MUP is kind of broken in its current form.  But I can't say that I like this idea as a suggestion to improve it.

My general play style of the game is that I'm only interested in training slaves that I want to keep.  I have no interest in spending my time training unwanted slaves simply so that I can steal their AP and convert them into MUP and then sell the slave.  Or, as is more likely, simply have a bunch of unwanted slaves lingering for ages in my jail or my mansion while wearing handcuffs as I completely ignore them until the game allows me to steal their AP.

For me, the ability to steal AP from every beaten bandit on the road and convert them to MUP (and thus basically erase the MUP system from the game) is the only thing that makes the MUP system bearable in its current format.  If a player wants to gain slaves, train them, and put them all to work earning food and gold and maintaining the mansion, that player would never be allowed to upgrade their mansion at all (Not totally true. One can sell slaves to Sebastian/Umbra and get MUP based on the slave's grade, which I had to do before AP -> MUP existed or before I found it.  But that equates to so few points and such a relationship penalty that it takes forever to manage enough MUP for even a single, simple upgrade.).

I can understand the desire to make the MUP system more meaningful and more integrated into the game.  But if the MUP system is to have its primary source dry up, new ways of obtaining them need to be opened up (something that does not force players into a single style of play, because upgrading the mansion isn't an "optional" add-on.).