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Aric included a bunch of fixes from the bugfix patch.  The modification system itself has been changed quite a bit.  I think the version of the bugfix Aric included contained some core changes to the rules for mods. (The relevant change is how numeric indexes are used)

In my mod, open the 'scripts/' file in any text editor.  The first line of text has the number 32 written twice.  Change both of those numbers to 31 and then try to install it.

Since the NavInfo files are installed by full file replacement, there is a decent chance they will mostly run.  But it also means that all the files it touches are being reverted back to Strive v0.5.25 status.  Any changes/improvements that were made to make the game v1.0a release are being destroyed in the files the mod uses.  There could be additional complications, but the loss of fixes is enough to make it not really compatible.  Hopefully I'll get some time upgrade the mod to 1.0+ ready soon.

As for slave list error, thanks for the error report.  I really should look into the v1.0 code and see where changes were made.  Might be the slave list isn't as compatible with the update as I'd hoped.

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The Enhanced Slave List should work with v1.0a.  However, I've done only very minimal testing.

The pregnancy mod I uploaded a version compatible with 1.0a.

Not looked into the others yet.  The UI is unlikely to be compatible at this time.

My guess is that you tried installing the mod on the new version 1.0a release.  Whereas this mod designed to work for version 0.5.25.  I've just uploaded a different version of the mod which is compatible with v1.0a.

If that isn't what is causing your issue, I need more info.  What version of the game are you running?  Are you using other mods?

One more... Info Organizer and the Combo now at v2.3.   There was an error in the value shown in the report for housekeeper cleaning.  The correct amount of cleaning was being done, but the report claimed a value that was not fully accurate.

Cleaning has a 1.3x multiplier.  This adjustment was being added to the cleaning, but not to housekeeper reporting.  Now it is.

Cleaning has a 1.3x multiplier.  This adjustment was being added to the cleaning, but not to housekeeper reporting.  Now it is.

The Information Mod Organizer (as well as the Navigation Info Combo mod which contains said mod) was just updated to fix a bug that allowed housekeepers working a management job to perform bonus cleaning on top of their housekeeper performance.  The bug actually matched the cleaning that results in vanilla strive, but it was a loophole bug.

2020-05-13 update: (This update only affects NavInfoCombo)
Fixes cleaning error for housekeeper when working a management job.

2020-05-13 update:

Fixes cleaning error for housekeeper when working a management job.

Okay, v1.3b is up now.

Moved the 1.3 fix into code that this mod already was changing rather than adding another core game file into those that get modified.

Enhanced Slave List updated:

Fixed display so same slave is displayed in the details area after moving slave into or out of jail.

Fixed display so same slave is displayed in the details area after moving slave into or out of jail.

If you list out step by step what you did to install the game, I can try to recreate the problem.  As it is, I don't have the error and my lines of code do not seem to match the line numbers your files have.

All I can say as a starter right now, is that the error is complaining about "slavetabopen" not existing.  This is a function inside "", which my mod does not touch at all, but Random Portraits does.

That said, most of the time the game complains about functions not being found, it is because a prior error caused a file not to fully load, and the "missing" function is part of what didn't finish loading.  Are you sure there were no errors prior to the one you reported?

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Not sure where you are at, at this point (you will likely get better response time from me if you @ me over on discord).

Yes, deleting the backup folder is generally needed any time you manually copy any file into the strive game folders.  Although for the slave list mod I only have you copy in completely new files (the mod system ignores new files otherwise).  Note: if any mods are active when backup folder is deleted, those mods can never be un-applied or applied in a later order.  Basically when you delete the backup folder you are telling the game that the state it is in right at that second is the "base" version all things should build from or return to.

So... you installed new.  Copied the files into the game folder (before running the new install).  Then you applied my mod (the slave list mod).  Did you also reinstall random portraits?

Other than that, you installed and applied nothing else.  And now you are getting the error?

(I don't think you actually ever mentioned which patch/mod of mine you were trying to install.  So please include that info as part of what you are attempting)

Updated the Enhanced Slave List to v1.2

It only fixes a small bug where Emily (and possibly others) remains in the slave list when she is really gone.   i.e.  some story line related departures.

v1.2 Fixed a bug where Emily could remain listed as present when she is actually away.

No, I believe this one in not compatible with Aric's.

This one is believed to work with Aric's.  This must be installed AFTER Aric's.

Small update for Enhanced Slave List.

1. Added animation to make the level-up indicator stand out a bit more.
2. Fix slave count indicator on the mansion's stats bar.
3. Move list slightly closer to the top of the screen.

1. Added animation to make the level-up indicator stand out a bit more.
2. Fix slave count indicator on the mansion's stats bar.
3. Move list slightly closer to the top of the screen.

Added a new Enhanced Slave List mod

2020-02-15 added Aric repair v1.1, fixes full body toggle not updating the display instantly.

Additional download now available.  It is a repair mod to allow UI and Aric's to function together.  Info Mod is not compatible.

2020-02-10 added UI_Aric_Repair_Mod_V1.0:
It allows the UI mod to be used in conjunction with Aric's 08.1
(Note: not compatible with NavInfo... this is UI-only)

Just FYI, multiple mods can alter the same file.  That was one of the things fixed by the 0.5.25 release.

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Don't try to load a file and then figure out whether or not you were successful.  Check to see whether or not the file exists.  Make use of the 'File' class and the function 'file_exists'. (Although I haven't looked at the function you are calling.  Maybe that already tests for existence).

Updated to include bug-fix V2 changes in files used by Info or UI patches.

UI also fixes some issues with full-body image toggle.

Info mod now rounds off cleaning numbers rather than truncating (to better match other displays).  It also fixes clicking the race button from within the MC's information screen.

2019-09-20 update:
Fixes minor issues with full-body toggle and merges in bug-fix V2 changes where appropriate.

2019-09-20 update:
Fixes rounding off cleaning, player-race popup, and merges in bug-fix V2 changes where appropriate.

No worries.  The < means look backwords.  The \s means black space.  Without the \s DarkElf is treated as different from Elf, but Dark Elf is not.

how do you do what?

potion: make potion, pick person you want to drink it, and go to item - use

mutations: cast mutation spell or build up the slaves toxicity and mutations will happen automatically

save file: open it with any text editor and change it however you want (make a backup of the file first in case you break it)

Various sizes, including height (I believe) can increase when aging (drinking a maturing potion).  The same sizes can shrink from a youth potion.

Lots of things, including skin covering, can change from mutations.

As for changing either of these things to a specific setting of your choice, only way I know how to do that at present would be to modify the save file directly.

I can't say I read back through this thread any, but I would imagine it should be taken one step further.


That makes a ton more sense.  My brain substitutes words like that all the time too, but never made the connection.

Sounds like an entertaining tale.  That said, I'm a little confused by it.  I'm assuming the brother you keep referring to is Hade, but he isn't her brother.

370x608 I got by opening the code and looking at the size of the panel where the images are put.  Likewise, 500x1080 I got from looking at the game's images that it uses and looking at their size.  I do not know that there is actually any official size.  I simply know that 500x1080 is the size the game currently chooses to use for its own images.

Well, your question does not really have a correct answer.  The game's "official" full body images for uniques are 500x1080, as EpitaphGamer stated.  So one can infer that the game is designed to display with that ratio in mind (or that future changes will continue to have this ratio as the design base).  But, there are multiple places where full body is displayed and the display area available to them are not the same sizes nor ratios.  So there is no actual, "just right" size.  And while the full body images are 500x1080, the shadow-images used as default in gear selection are 375x430 (which is obviously a vastly different ratio, but still a place where full body is shown).

All that said, what I imagine you are actually asking is, what is the size of the component into which the full body image is shown on the mansion screen that hovers over the master-list of slaves.  That thing is currently 370x608.

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I think the OP makes it pretty clear that the mod works only with the version 0.5.22 that is also available in the OP.

No, it does not currently work with the most recent release.  Side note, 0.5 is not a complete version number.  The latest release is 0.5.25, while this mod works with 0.5.22. (although I believe the author is working on updating it)

If changes were being made to the request system, I'd be more inclined to suggest that the request should be tailored to the requester more so than simply creating more requests.  I find the whole sex interaction to feel a bit forced already, as I must do it to gain mana rather than wanting to have fun in the sack.  The request system further forces my hand by telling me specifically which actions I must chose, rather than letting me do what I want.

Plus, the requests, themselves, never make much sense.  Everyone is constantly begging to be humiliated, use their rear, or various other actions that they've never even done before.  If a person loved anal and that person continually kept asking for some rear action, well that I could understand.  Or if a person was submissive, maybe I could see their constant demand to be humiliated.

Either way, I often get anywhere from 0-5 requests from each slave per series.  I find that to be more than enough.  I would hate to up the number to where every single turn was nothing but me needing to fulfill a demand.  If I wanted all my turns dictated to me I would simply click the button that lets one of the slaves lead the action.  Besides, just because a person is not lewd doesn't mean they do not enjoy sex.  Perhaps they may be a bit less adventurous, but that does mean their orgasm count should automatically be less.