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First of all thanks for playing my game, I know there are a lot of mistakes but I didn't have a team and it was my first game. The story didn't came out as I expected, I wanted to create the idea that the kid (the player) is just a lonely person that everyone hates, so he wants to leave, then to leave he can either follow the game instructions or not, I imagined 2/3 levels but I didn't have time to make them, so these instructions are just the road you choose at a certain point (when the game tells you to go forward to exit). At this point if you didn't choose the game instructions you'd end up in a boss fight that the game puts in front of you to stop you to actually exit, but if you do follow the game, then he'd go on with his plan, becoming human, and the only way is to swap his place with the player. Unfortunately it didn't turn like this in the end. For the main menu button, I don't think it's so dangerous to swap them, for the bad graphics and stange music, it's just because it's my first approach to them, so I'm not really fast and good. Thanks a lot for the feedback and I'll definetly keep practicing!


Ok I get it now, the story is nice it is a pity that you didn't have time to put it down the right way. I understand this is your first time and you should be proud of yourself to have been able to complete a game all by yourself. You should consider gettin some partner for future games so you don't have to do it all alone. If I had to code by myself I wouldn't complete even the title screen (which is bad for our game ahah).

Hang in there!