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Nice jam submission here. 

Unless you select the "Lost" controls I didn't find it too consistent with the theme. However, this is a great platformer. Art is interesting, nice atmosphere too. 

I would have understand that you're able to switch the platforms with "S" key at start, I was going crazy lol. 

The wall jump feels a bit strange to me, or I'm totally bad at the game, but sometimes I'm having troubles doing it.

Yeah, overall the game is nice and enjoyable. Good luck with the reviews!


There is no wall jump, you can only jump again when you press the jump button at the highest! I should have put that somewhere in the game, same with the controls, I feel bad for not doing it :/ But now that I know I will 100% put them the next time I make a game :D

Also, the lost controls are the controls I used throughout the game, but I got some complaints about them so I also added a "normal" controls option, which is more typical. Still, a communication mistake from my part but I tried to fix it in the comments.

Thanks for the review ^^


I see! It's okay still, fun game :)