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I am on a mac and whenever you save the game (with things in your chests) they all disappear the next time you go on to the game.

PLS HELP!!!!!!!!


That thing happend to me, and now, it's not only with the chests, if I leave water yin the purifier or in the cookers, it disapiers and same with trees




This same thing happened to me on the windows version.


Hopefully they will fix it


I think all inventories get wiped whenever you reload a save. Trees disappear, boxes cleared, water and food also gone every time. Only your own character inventory remains after a reload.


Not really, first time I played i built 2 chests. During further playings I crafted, like, 8 of them, and so far these 2 first are the only ones that hold items even after reload. Items disappear only from those new chests, to me.

Same with m


i had 6 palms and when i reload only 3 was there and the trouble with the chests just affected half of them.


it happens to me, i have 10 working chest, the first that i build, and 17 that get wiped

I also got that problem! First time I loaded my saved game, everything was fine, but the times after that all the props in the chests disappeared! Also the trees disappeared! I don't know what other things did.. The chests and the tree on the ground floor do save the props I put in them, maybe because I placed them there before I first saved it.

I hope this problem will be solved soon! I'm new to this website by the way, do I have to visit this website to download updates? Or does the game notify me when there's a new update? Thanks!
- Floss

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Yeah I just got this one. It worked fine the first save, but the second one seems to be glitched out. All my chests, tree planters, potato planters were empty. But the water and the cooking stations had stuff still in them.



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Me too!!! i put coconut in a chest, and when reload the saved game the coconut and all the content desapear.


Tree planter, seeds, and cocunuts disapeared for me. As well as all the items in my nets.


Potato's and everything else were fine. I have like 20 chests and everything else is fine.


me too

Me also but all was gone except my inventory, so chests anything planted, my water cups in the purifiers and any food on cookers

same this glitch makes me not want to play the game if i cant save items i have to start from scratch every time i log and also why only 1.05 for windows


that also happens to me and all my trees and potatoes disappear from the crop plot etc...


Yup, same on windows 64bit version... Really annoying because I just can't use chests and I have to take my tin cans from my purifiers, and harvest my potatos everytime I quit...


i had the same and i noticed something.

the chests where stuff was disappearing were far from "spawn" and if i did stuff in chests near spawn it didnt disappear

the same was for the palm trees, food, and water.



Same here! some say 2, some say few. Chest system is definitely rigged wrong.

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Hi AustralianGamer,

Me too it delete all my items from all my other chests and i cant figure it out.

it also spawns all my trees into one place and changes them in 2 1 tree instead of the 8 that i usually plant,

then i also have the flying shark glitch and sometimes when the shark eats my raft i need to relog just so i can replace the foundation?!?!?!?

hope u can find out whats wrong with ur version because it will properly be a while before they can fix mine.


This happen to me too


Its the same on Windows 10 too! It annoys me cause I put everything I had in my chest and I logged on the next day and what do I have? Nothing but god damn coconuts

Same here pls HELP

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The issue with items disappearing from chests does not appear to have been fully resolved in the latest version (v1.05) for Win64.

After saving and loading with numerous items in chests and nets, and many gardens and tree plantations, all items disappeared from chests and nets, all fully-grown trees and crops vanished, and all cans in water purifiers disappeared. In addition, animations glitched. All spear animations worked fine, but the fishing pole was the only other thing that showed up. The fishing pole's default position had the bobber hanging over the screen. Other than those two, every animation for every other equippable displayed as an empty hand looking like it was holding an invisible spear. Furthermore, the axe was unable to harvest trees, though it could break placed items as normal, albeit without any animation.

This continued until I saved and reloaded, whereupon everything went back to normal. I built my raft up substantially afterwards, but kept the number of items in chests low and regularly cleared out my nets, and the issue has not reoccurred. I suspect that the issue was a result of too many items in the nets, chests, and water. Multiple times I was able to go behind my raft and dive down to get coconuts that were floating in the water (at one point more than half an hour after I had last harvested a tree), so it's possible that not all coconuts that fall into the water disappear when they should.

 This same thing happened to me with the chests but also all of the trees in my man-made forest