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I think all inventories get wiped whenever you reload a save. Trees disappear, boxes cleared, water and food also gone every time. Only your own character inventory remains after a reload.


Not really, first time I played i built 2 chests. During further playings I crafted, like, 8 of them, and so far these 2 first are the only ones that hold items even after reload. Items disappear only from those new chests, to me.

Same with m


i had 6 palms and when i reload only 3 was there and the trouble with the chests just affected half of them.


it happens to me, i have 10 working chest, the first that i build, and 17 that get wiped

I also got that problem! First time I loaded my saved game, everything was fine, but the times after that all the props in the chests disappeared! Also the trees disappeared! I don't know what other things did.. The chests and the tree on the ground floor do save the props I put in them, maybe because I placed them there before I first saved it.

I hope this problem will be solved soon! I'm new to this website by the way, do I have to visit this website to download updates? Or does the game notify me when there's a new update? Thanks!
- Floss