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A member registered Jan 06, 2017

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Yes, this. I myself destroyed some foundations and i couldnt place new ones there, so i had to go around this one field and then i could place it

Second download was good tho, so gladly one-night-stand issue.

BTW. |Loot disappearing| Dunno why but this problem of disappearing things from chests is gone for me now; it used to disappear, as many people pointed it out, but now it stays safely (and i even learned to keep most value stuff with me when loggin out, achh, waste of tactical thinking energy ;) ). Glad it 'solved' itself, I just wanted to let you know, maybe it's random?

Thanks for reply and keep it up, this game has so much potential it's LIT :)

Ok, so far I've read all bugs brought attention to by others, and ye:
1. lost inventories (except for those that were stacked in chests that I made during my FIRST play, saved with first saved game)

2. putting things under stairs (or placing stairs over sth) will definitely prevent me from using those things (i couldn't harvest potatoes, i couldnt open chest, i couldnt cook).

3. Already fixed by redownloading, but after my first download i couldnt open the game. I was informed about crash and error.
http://wklej.org/id/3007371/ - output_log.txt
http://wklej.org/id/3007372/ - error.log
Don't know how to add a crash.dmp file.
As i said, already fixed by redownloading, but you wrote that you'd be happy if we send you crash reports, so enjoy :P

Not really, first time I played i built 2 chests. During further playings I crafted, like, 8 of them, and so far these 2 first are the only ones that hold items even after reload. Items disappear only from those new chests, to me.