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If your game is made on unity, which is seems like, maybe unity by default implement to their .exes google stats, so probably it's not the main problem. 

thats what I was thinking, it is unity, it does use unity analytics, which you know, could use google services. turtles all the way down my friend


turtles, mutants and even Shredder

Would like to play your pretty good game soon as you put temporary fix. 

ok, so I used a web packet tracker and also checked out the player logs, and it seems like everything is in working order on my side. it also could be that this may be a security thing on your computer? maybe it has something to do with me being an unverified developer?


I am not sure, I don't have firewall nor antivir. I think it's something simplier. Also wonder what are thoose MonoBleedingEdge\etc\mono\ files with mentioning browsers and some various stuff.

the monobleedingedge stuff is because the build uses some features in unity that are "experiemental" 

I managed to hack it and skip connection part.  Screenshot I like how it says "NO INTERNET CONNECTION". Sadly I couldn't figure out how to patch the game since it reserves in the ram thoose values. 

No worries! I’ll add the option to skip waiting after 5 seconds


Just played 2 times, and this is really so fun great game! I like the art, rpg atmoshpere fun there and voices ofcourse. So hilarious!  Thanks so much for this game! I lol all the time at audience, especially that gnome voiced "Go go go! Aaaa!" 

I'm so glad you like it! Arena is for the people!! I'm working on a "stop connecting" feature right now. Thanks for the bug find!