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Hard game(for me), but fun too! 

Great game! Level by level goes only harder but more interesting! 

Thank you!

Looks simple, but it's real challenge for head. 

Concept is great done. Music relaxing! 

Thank you!

Очень интересный проект у вас! Чем-то вангеров напомнило. 

Обязательно доделайте и сделайте конфетку из игры! 

Looks great! Thanks!


Graphically reminds me Orcs vs Elves (1 and 2). Nice!

Tried. Same effect. Again, probably my laptop specs, so no worries.


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Couldn't take such game long, but it's fun!

That voice_speak also!

Really fun game! Thanks!

Looks good, but for me it launched as in window. 

Maybe my Intel HD integrated graphics on laptop is .. not so modern. Win7,64bit.

Nice game! 

Also thanks for your Misfit3D tutorials on youtube. 

Sorry for writing here, but I couldn't figure out how to contact you directly, but I want you to know that there is a great fork of Misfit3D called Maverick3D with bugfixes and stuff:

Do you use discord by chance? If yes, please join from his website the spearmint discord channel. 

Thank you!

Very good game. Maybe some additional elements to gameplay would be even nice. Got the true ending. Glad people use q3 kind engine, I myself making one..hope I'll finish it. Also glad people use SunVox.

Nice. Reminds me Echoes+ game by binaryZoo.

Great game! 

Please, make impossible to skip player death animation part (gameover) instantly, maybe after some seconds. I pressed spacebar and instantly went to main menu, though highscore saved.

Maybe try to make like pressing ESC will skip connecting? Just comment in that connecting screen "ESC - skip connection and play without records saving"

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Thanks so much for the update! Downloaded the v0.85 but the game still locks on connecting, it just keeps conneting even after 10 lol.

Also, as in previous version, I wonder if someone else having screen flickering while the game starts, it just keeps flickering about 5 times then everything is fine. It's before the connecting screen.

Found it

Heh, I had this. Skipped connection by hecking it. But let's wait when our developer release new update. 

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No, that the point that I bought the first plant scroll (2 plants only) 2 times.  

Though, maybe I am really wrong, if spells upgrades are a bit random. Nvm it much though, should play it more.

That was the time when I wasn't registered in

Yes, music is great.

I've got this funny bug. It happend when I after loosing went to main menu, disabled anti-aliasing and started the game. Maybe anti-aliasing doesn't matter.

I am not sure, but I think there was a bug in the shop, when I bought 2 times in diffirent rounds the plants scroll. 

I couldn't find such topic, so maybe let's make it global and pinned if someone else decided to search their games on this pretty nice website.

I am searching an old game that was on , it was like Melone in the dark. Had Playstation mark on thumbnail. It was about how you start on a big ship, walking and shooting with shotgun in 3D, cameras were like in Resident Evil games.  The protagonist probably looked like a cowboy and his voice was pretty fun. The author also had severals in such style games. I tried to search it with words "resident evil" "ship" "captain" "psx" "ps1" "playstation" no luck

No need to rush, ofcourse. Sure, optimizations will be very good. Thanks!

I'll sure play it again when next release will be. Don't want to be annoying, but when you plan to release new version?

Just played 2 times, and this is really so fun great game! I like the art, rpg atmoshpere fun there and voices ofcourse. So hilarious!  Thanks so much for this game! I lol all the time at audience, especially that gnome voiced "Go go go! Aaaa!" 

I managed to hack it and skip connection part.  Screenshot I like how it says "NO INTERNET CONNECTION". Sadly I couldn't figure out how to patch the game since it reserves in the ram thoose values. 

I am not sure, I don't have firewall nor antivir. I think it's something simplier. Also wonder what are thoose MonoBleedingEdge\etc\mono\ files with mentioning browsers and some various stuff.

turtles, mutants and even Shredder

Would like to play your pretty good game soon as you put temporary fix. 

If your game is made on unity, which is seems like, maybe unity by default implement to their .exes google stats, so probably it's not the main problem. 

Did reset internet. Seems like your game connects to *some ip* . But I even checked my hosts file which is fine looking. Strange, maybe really something from my side is blocking to there, no idea. 

Windows 7, 64bit. 

Yes, the v0.8. Can you make a small fix?

It keeps saying connecting to server. Maybe after 5 attempts make game run offline? Looks great game.

Mega game

My screen is 1366x768, but thanks! 

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The game is a nice indie remake of aoe2, but please, in next update, put possibilty to choose resolution or atleast make game looking a bit more closer.

Absolutely great game you've made! Thanks for it!

Windows 7, 64bit. Downloaded your game, but when I run it, shows black window and nothing happends more. If I stay longer it seems its memory leaking, because pc getting laggy. Deleting configs also didn't help, strange. Any ideas?