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Just played 2 times, and this is really so fun great game! I like the art, rpg atmoshpere fun there and voices ofcourse. So hilarious!  Thanks so much for this game! I lol all the time at audience, especially that gnome voiced "Go go go! Aaaa!" 

I'm so glad you like it! Arena is for the people!! I'm working on a "stop connecting" feature right now. Thanks for the bug find! 


I'll sure play it again when next release will be. Don't want to be annoying, but when you plan to release new version?

hey! i'm not sure exactly, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow, or maybe even a few days from now (hopefully sooner)? other people have been able to log in / create accounts, so i'm not rushing too fast to finish the next update - I want it to include a good number of optimizations :) 


No need to rush, ofcourse. Sure, optimizations will be very good. Thanks!