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Also, v0.8?

Yes, the v0.8. Can you make a small fix?

hmm. I just checked, and I logged in just fine. Are you on mac or windows?

Windows 7, 64bit. 

maybe reset your internet? I will add a timeout however

Did reset internet. Seems like your game connects to *some ip* . But I even checked my hosts file which is fine looking. Strange, maybe really something from my side is blocking to there, no idea. 

very strange! I'm also stumped. i'm not using any google services... 

If your game is made on unity, which is seems like, maybe unity by default implement to their .exes google stats, so probably it's not the main problem. 

thats what I was thinking, it is unity, it does use unity analytics, which you know, could use google services. turtles all the way down my friend


turtles, mutants and even Shredder

Would like to play your pretty good game soon as you put temporary fix.