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Samus is a such a cool, chubby cat! I wish they had a little less landing lag though, I think it lasts just a little too long. To be clear, the pause isn't the problem, it's the length of the pause. 
There's some cool ideas here for sure, but I think you'd be well served by checking your metrics: The first big float jump is barely clearable, and height-wise Samus' starting jump is an ambiguous height that makes it look like you can clear some ledges that are just barely out of reach. It makes it ambiguous what Samus' capabilities are. Shortening that first float jump by a tile, and even raising that wall that looks clearable but isn't, would go a long way to removing some sticking points without changing the challenge.
I had fun playing!


Hey thanks man!

I hear you, i know exactly what you mean. Ive already sorthened the lag, from 16 frames to 8 , and it felt much better :). 

Haha gotcha, dig into the design more. 

Samus says thanks! :D

Will try out your game too, comments coming later!