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Hey Colisan, thanks so much for the feedback. Late in the game we did start developing a system for tuning some of the gameplay variables, HOWEVER, we completely forgot to include reload time in that set. Unfortunate... However it's good to have that on our radar. Additional feedback like turret placement is noted. We need to have hotkeys for turret placements for sure. And yeah those placeholders should have read something to the effect of In development. I really wish we could have put in other turret types, or maybe putting a cap on turrets, but yeah, curious what others think about the balance as well. Congrats on making it to wave 10! I think that's the highest anyone's gotten yet :) granted I have spent most of my time developing and haven't had a good chance to sit down and play it yet...

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My point was more that if you didn't show there could be more objects, nobody would have ever known. In my opinion, it's often better to just scrap it (ie. the shop would have became simpler to use "trade 10 koins for a turret"), it makes the game feel more finished =)
But of course, that's a minor detail, don't focus too much on it, your game was still good =D