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Rithm Gaming

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I know that was quite a whoops. I was playing once and hit backspace, went back on my browser, and lost all my progress

Thanks for playing and feedback appreciated.

The concept is you are on a space ship with a virtual reality treadmill that takes you to beautiful environments for exercise and pleasure.


Yoo, thanks for giving it a play, and sure. https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/39/the-wiz Feel free to send me a link if you have a game in LD39 as well!

Music was intense! It pumped me up and got me wanting to play more! I got victory btw. Really clever level design and interpretation of theme

Thanks. The idea was for the user to find a balance between field of view and health points via the dig / shop mechanics. So you technically don't need all 3 nuggets in order to pass a level. I'm glad you gave it a play and took the time to leave feedback! Keep trying and maybe you'll get a cheesy victory quote if you beet all the levles, I dunno... ;)

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Beautiful color palette! Edit: And nice work on the game page too...