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Any and all feedback is welcome here. This should be a free space to post thoughts, and feelings, as well as jam on concepts or ideas for future iterations.

If you find any bugs please share here, and I'll address as soon as possible.

Please provide a screenshot or gif if possible or relevent.

In order of importance bugs can be categorized as:

  1. Game breaking
  2. Input related
  3. Gameplay
  4. Graphics
  5. Audio

Feedback is much appreciated - and will help shape the future of Unicycle Universe :)

Figured I'd start a high score thread / leaderboard. In my experience, once you get it, you kind of get it, and it just becomes an endurance test. Nonetheless, here's my first go at a long run. 

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Idk about 45 minute guy down there, but this thing took me a good couple hours. I've not played a "souls-like" so learning how to move and fight and stuff took me a bit longer...

I love the shadows and I think the art is a multi-dimensional masterpiece ;)

Easy Follow, looking forward to updates.

Also I ran this on a 2013 MacBook with an Intel 4k graphics card with 1.5gb ram. Main ram was 8Gb. So pretty old machine. Most of the game ran fine, except the main menu and intro animations were pretty rough. While the main menu and intro were beautiful, it might be nice to set the graphics resolution before starting so I can get a good frame rate and really appreciate the water :)

Also one bug was clicking Continue after completing the demo, I walked among the corpses of my fallen fo, and most if not all of the pickups had re-spawned so I'm super stacked on white pills for the next update ;)

This is pretty insane in the membrane.
I could listen this loop for a while, and the way the dev approaches visual feedback is... mysteriously skillful...

Magn it's about balancing offence with defense

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Extremely interesting incorporation/interpretation of the theme. The balance between attack stats and defense stats. Brilliant!

Epic music. Epic concept. If the dev's could please add a restart button, that would be cool :)

Hey thanks. I think you really hit the nail on the head with the unpredicatability... I have a build staged here which will go live on itch when rating ends and which does it's best to smooth out those rough turns.

I also think going procedural could be extremely powerful. And with some recent upgrades to the rail editor, I think this might be achievable in the near future.

If you are interested in doing any development for Rail Rider, please feel free to check out the github

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What do I do with a .bbdoc file?

I played easy mode with a Mouse

I had to force myself to stop playing after 100k.

Will come back. As I commented on the game page, this is an excellent cross between an osu-esque rhythm game and an fps aim trainer.

Who did the music?

Protip: Play before jumping into your favorite FPS.
Like a disco aim trainer

  • Clean UI
  • Highly accessible
  • Plz let me carry more than 3 boxes

Have you considered turning the windmill thingy's into an audience crowdsurfing a singer or something?
Also what is happening during the explosion in the air? It's a little unclear. Is the ball changing properties in some way or is it purely visual? 
How are some people getting 10K?
Will update if I can beat 4k

This concept feels very fresh in a highly saturated space shooter genre

It's kind of like a ripstick drifter, but trying to carry a stack of 10 pizzas at the same time.
Imagine a physics based redux GTA

The creativity to come up with and implement this amazes me. Was this a solo endeavor? 

Not what I was expecting lol

Interesting mechanics. Makes me feel a little like a frog catching flies...

Meta: Balance your time between home defense and balancing your very unstable house

How the heck'd you do the shading on your title text? That's so sick.

This game is very interesting. I like how balance comes into play here. 
I like how the scoring system rewards bravery.
It's just fun jumping around tbh :)

Mwahaha me neither

For those interested - the following Unity asset packs were used in the dev of this

  • Outline Effect - CAKESLICE
  • SplineMesh - BENOIT DUMAS
  • And of course Ethan from Standard Assets - UNITY TECHNOLOGIES

Music by modbom

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Thanks for playing! :)

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That's a good idea for a future feature

Edit: As of web build 32 - high score is displayed on the intro menu

Appreciate the gamepad support and fast delivery. Still ~14 hours to go.
Very subtle take on the theme.
Also appreciate the choice to draw the gamepad from the perspective you might see if someone was showing you. Thought it was an interesting little choice.

Yeah. Latest version 1.1 published 1y ago...
Made for Score Space 8 jam (Under 48 hours)
Try and get a high score!

Rotations is nuts. It does take a while to get a grasp of controls and mechanics.
Visuals are understood at first glance. The option to disable post is nice.
How did you get the ball to be gold like it is in the gif?

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Not really, in fact, playing the game might give you an increased level of comfort when it comes to navigating the command prompt or terminal window.

You do need to read closely, but there are still some conventions like > ex <program_name> <param> where the <> brackets denote a parameter but you don't actually use the brackets in the commands. This will not be intuitive to folks who are not computer nerds lol.

You need to run the 'ls' command to learn more about the contents of a directory. Then to learn more about how to do stuff, run the 'controls' command.

Hey @GreenBeakCrow sorry you had difficulties getting the app to run on your OS. If you'd like I can let you know when the next beta build is released, as I will be sure to package a linux executable alongside.

I won!
This is actually a very interesting, very fun little game in my opinion.
At the start the indicators of where to go are very clear in an otherwise large world.
One potential idea that may help with orientation is to pull the camera back a bit as the player jumps off plats, and bring it back in when the player lands again.
The actual skill involved in modifying gravity to hit the platforms is a very comfortable level I think. The overall challenge is there, but it is do-able.
Music. Did you write that yourself? If so great job, if not great job still! It's nice, just a little loud. Had to lower my headphones a bit.
Color indications are fairly straight forward though having a green item be something that can hurt you is somewhat counter-intuitive in game culture... That being said everything else being a shade of red made things clear. It was cool to see spikes thrown in there too. I have followed and would be happy to test as more levels are rolled out :)

The gamefeel is very fluid. The control over the ball is elasticy and fun.
It was a little vague which are enemies, but all in all great concept.
I feel like this concept could potentially work well in a larger / less bounded world...
The reward for moving fast with the sparks and the bonus points leads me to imagine some fast moving action / adventure game...

I like the 1984 feel and the auto fire is interesting, but I'm not too sure about the powerup acquistion. It would be nice if I knew when it was coming...
Also the graphics are a little too colorful and too chaotic for my eyes.
The JUICE is there. The feedback for collecting star drops is nice. 
I love the space jump transition
And A+ for harnessing the power of the internet and getting that leaderboard up and running.
Also that first boss guy keeps leaning almost off-screen which is kind of frustrating. WHY YOU HIDE FROM ME BOSS GUY?
Anyway thanks for sharing :)

Fun little game. Really creative level design! Had fun, but got caught on the level that had spikes on both bottom and top.

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Overall very interesting concept.
I like how you combined that old planko concept with the color mixer.

It would be nice if the movement of the bucket were telecasted or announced a little louder because it's movements can go unnoticed.

Once you go overboard in a particular color it would be nice, I think to have the block get incinerated or something so the player doesn't go too far in the wrong direction or waste any further time...

Another thought as far as input goes is the order of events goes from right to left which may be a little counter-intuitive. Maybe try putting the color droppers on the left and the drop button on the right.

Music is nice, and all in all a nice game. I definitely had some fun playing :)

Like the simplicity of the single control
Added challenge from the radius increasing is nice too
It's a little tough to distinguish good pickups from bad
Overall interesting take on the classic flappy bird and good incorepration of theme.