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Impressed by the swarm behavior, remindeds me a lot of Galaga. The part where it sends you back is pretty cool too. A neat little reflection on the theme. I think it could use some tuning as my fingers were getting pretty tired of clicking, but that may just be my hands... Also I assume there is a rapid fire powerup I just didn't get one in my run. Thanks for sharing! Oh and sweet graphics / parallax effect.

An excellent source of stress relief. The rock and roll really get's me in the mood to smash some stuff. Thanks for sharing. Oh and great job with the character too. Feels like a solid rig :]

Props for making something more unique. Everything about this game is really interesting from the sounds to the graphics. It shows that you really did think about the theme.
I found the spear to be an excellent weapon of choice. One not often explored in games. Also the big blue monster is quite funny looking, just saying.
As far as aesthetics, it's really cool the way the pixels kind of warm around the planet... I like the old school tv effect as well. Nice textures I guess would sum it up.
Need to come back and learn more about the flowers and how to make the planet turn green though...

Some thoughts:
-Bug squashing simulator (don't step on them, it's bad Karma)
-Main character style is unique and stands out. Like others have said, this feels like a very complete game
-Great use of Chromatic Abberation. It works really well to add a touch of color to an otherwise monochromatic game
-Almost feels like a stealth platformer.
-Triangles. Such a simple shape, but they do make for a great background. 

Thanks for sharing, had a blast playing. Will come back to try and top my score soon. Only got to around 500...

9 rounds is still more than my best lol. I've only gotten to 5 or so in my testing. Glad you were able to enjoy! And thank you for the feedback. I think you are right we needed more visual feedback for the reload. Right now it takes too long and it's hard to know when it's done or not. I am kind of attracted to the RPG elements though, and would like to develop more of that. And yes, more Summoning  options should be a thing! I wonder what would happen if the player could place Gongs for more precise directional information... Food for thought.

I really like what you did with the theme. Turning Karma into a on-fire / getting hot mechanic. It's got this great auto-balance to it. Higher skill players will have more of a challenge. Thanks for sharing this! Cheers :)

Really like the design here. It's insanely competitive. How some folks already have in the hundreds amazes me, though I imagine you as the developer probably own some of those high scores. Will have to come back and try to make it on the leaderboard. Also props on getting the https cert among all the art, music, and coding needed put this together. Really amazing work.

This is definitely a very unique experience, and a technically impressive title. This is probably the best application of the theme that I've seen. And it feels good to match two karmically matched folks. And it is kinda cool to play god. 

For me the controls were pretty intuitive as I'm used to working in Unity/UE4 with WASD + Q/E, but maybe you could have included that bit in with the instructions for those less familiar with 3D package standards.

I believe there is a lot of potential here, and I can see that this was no small investment. I appreciate that. The way the characters will interact and then part ways, and repeat. It's very impressive stuff! 

There exists very real challenge in the game, when it comes to tracking peoples Karma. Not only are they always moving, but you must remember that the graphic is actually a reflection of the person they spoke with! A lot to keep track of. Could use some difficulty tuning / progression. Maybe the map starts smaller and grows... Just a thought.

As you mentioned in the discord, a lot of effort went into the atmosphere and it shows. 
I understand that school & work got in the way which prevented a full concept from being completed so I will only comment on what is there.

I believe the game would have a stronger impact if the info slide were hidden by default. The main menu is gorgeous with it's angled text, chromatic effects, and overall its well designed. Show me that first, and if I want more info, I will click the info button. Maybe this was a bug, but definitely be conscious of the first thing the player sees.

What I was really hoping for was that beautiful sword trail like I saw in the gif on the discord page. I did read that the sword becomes more powerful, but I was never able to get that powerful... Will come back later and try.

I must admit here too that the story and the lore here is actually really friggin cool. A demon sword!? Count me in. The sword evolves with the game... Awesome! 

Also I am not sure what I did but I was able to generate a crash midgame. The game also does seem to crash randomly while in the menu for me as well. The logs seem to show a lot of these if that helps 

InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no elements
  at System.Linq.Enumerable.First[TSource] (System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[T] source) [0x00052] in <5f5fe34c9df446e8a7bb8f8802a8902c>:0 
  at Villager.Update () [0x000dd] in <96c5c9e657d24df59899188cc74fb2f3>:0 

Lastly I wanted to say I was really looking forward to this one. If you make updates to this, like adding sfx, fixing crashes, and maybe making it a little more clear how to evolve the sword, and have the sword showing phases of evolution, that would be awesome! But yeah any updates you do, I'm following you. I'd love to play again when there is some more work put into it.


Think you accidentily hit post twice :

So this little casual game frustrated me a little at first as I was having some weird reactions to what I thought were good throws. I eventually seem to have figured it out though and I was actually able to enjoy the physics, the throws, the physics of the spinning wheel. Very relaxing experience especially with the water sounds. I quite enjoyed it after a long day. Also really like the cloud art on the wheel. Gave me something nice to look at to compliment those relaxing water sounds. Also nice cuz you can play it on mobile...

Really digging the art style on this, especially the cover art. The eye glare at the end of the start menu is amazing! Chip-tune style tunes are great and are an ode to I assume a Yanni song. I have to give props to the dev ops / technical side of things. There really should be another category here. The leaderboard is a work of web dev mastery. Plus the UI is nice too, so if I know what the high scores are AND how far behind everyone else I am... Also should definitely be a humor category here, cuz this game scores very highly in that category

Gonna try and be concise with constructive criticism here. Game is great! Honestly it's incredible that in 72 hours you all were able to make this game that I'm still trying to crack. The biggest thing is that I want to keep playing it. That's key. The art and music make it a very pleasant atmosphere to be in. All the sounds of clicking and UI are really subtle but really nice.

I was confused by seeing the +/-X "variable name" floating text after seeing the summary sheet. Is the text representative of the previous day's earnings? Shouldn't it show that before I see the summary and move on to the next day? Anyway I can work around that. It's just extra flair, and even if it is confusing to me, it might not be confusing to someone else. And it's a nice touch nonetheless! I can look past this.

I really like the idea of exploration of strategy. This game gives you a decent bit of wiggle room. Invest heavily in resources... Ideal ratio... Keep a low following... Aim for a smaller following at first... Lots of different paths, make it fun to try new things and play again, and again...

Some of the introductory text could use some grammar and logic review, but that's normal for a jam. I am still having a hard time determining what actions lead to what outcomes, so maybe some sort of rework of the summary sheep could help with that. They are all currently line items but maybe using lines to section off resources, from followers, from Karma related calculations... This would all make it easier for a noob like myself to learn.

Lots of fun has been had and will be had trying to optimize my strategy in this!
To anyone who wants to learn the basics, feel free to check my playthrough!

Hey Colisan, thanks so much for the feedback. Late in the game we did start developing a system for tuning some of the gameplay variables, HOWEVER, we completely forgot to include reload time in that set. Unfortunate... However it's good to have that on our radar. Additional feedback like turret placement is noted. We need to have hotkeys for turret placements for sure. And yeah those placeholders should have read something to the effect of In development. I really wish we could have put in other turret types, or maybe putting a cap on turrets, but yeah, curious what others think about the balance as well. Congrats on making it to wave 10! I think that's the highest anyone's gotten yet :) granted I have spent most of my time developing and haven't had a good chance to sit down and play it yet...

Very cool with what you can do these days as far as web builds go. Was not expecting fps controls until that wall started pushing me in lol. Nice job making a game so efficient that it can run in browser without a hitch!

I wound up collecting 6 or so of the pills my first run. Will have to try again later to see if there's more to be found.

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It's the X key. To anyone else encountering this. Please press the X key to interact with the NPC. I tried to indicate that with the x box over it's head

Spoiler Warning:

Hey, thanks for playing through to the end!
That's a good question. We ran out of time to fix the bug causing the ending to fade before you can read the note. The mesh itself actually has no text on it, but the story line that accompanies the object reads "I should have listened."

Thank you! Means a lot to have someone enjoying some of my work :)

Hey man, thanks for playing. It really is an experimental piece. I do hope you found the "space bar" to meditate helpful otherwise you would be standing around for quite a few MORE minutes than neccessary ;)

Greatly appreciate the feedback. I think it would be great to have more variables like weather conditions, sunlight, mites, and the sort incorperated to add more complexity and challenge. Will take this to heart.

Very cool. Very fun. I like the enemy designs a lot. The game has great performance, and a nice level of polish. Will play again to finish up all the levels. I only got through the tutorial levels so far.

So I actually played this for a good 20 minutes or so trying to get through all the "tests". I credit the bits and pieces of story for keeping me motivated. I really liked the story bits and the music at the beginning, and was totally ready for another cut scene in there. 

Another thing to note is that the skill gap between the basic "get out the way" robots that run at you, and the ones that fire lasers, to the rotating turret ones is huge! I think it may be nicer to build up more gradually to the more advanced types of enemies. Since their aesthetic is so similar and they all occur within the first couple levels it is hard to differentiate between them. Let the player make some progress on the noob AI's first, and then hit em with the tougher bots.

I was unable to get past the second test, but I have a feeling that when you beat the tests, you've beaten the whole game. I think the tests should be easier, granted I am not the most skilled gamer. Then maybe put in some more of that story/music. Give the player a little respite, and then hit them with some of the harder enemies.

As a player who is looking for hidden rooms, I was a little let down to find out that both doors in the first test room lead to the second test room. If you made it all the way back to the top of the first test room and take that door, it would be cool if it was a hidden room with some power-up, armor, or story element.

All in all pretty fun. And a great candidate for controller support, just saying. If you got XBox controller / gamepad support in, I would love to play the next patch with it.

Very ambitious project! Cool to see the starts of a frame-based attack system. As far as the fighting mechanics, it's a very interesting control scheme that seems like it would port beautifully to mobile. One thing that threw me off was that you could move closer/further to the sidewalk. 

Somebody like me who is spamming a bunch of attacks may accidentally move their character in doing so. 

One thing I have to commend is the animation and collision systems. The attacks all feel fairly responsive, and the timings seem to work out as expected. I recall one time having both my attack and the AI attack land at the same time and we got simultaneously stunned. The transition between running and attacking, or between attacking and getting hit are all very smooth and very impressive to watch! 

Really into how each level has it's own theme-fitting audio. The egg mechanics have potential, especially if you can finesse your egg roll ;) It's a very interesting shape, and the large amount of friction enables you to climb and grip in a way that can open itself to some interesting designs

That intro story was both educational and funny. Somehow I missed that my first time round. Oh and some room for improvement is adding some mouse-over feedback to the buttons so you know they are clickable. The controls are mostly intuitive, but sometimes a little hand-holding doesn't hurt.

Yo that rap is sick. I will absolutely throw this in the next patch. Please shoot me an email at I would love to stay connected. 

Appreciate you giving it a replay. Since this last patch was mainly visuals, maybe next patch will be audio upgrades and maybe some gameplay improvement. Will reply to above post as well when I get a chance to check the drive but absolutely you can help with audio. Thanks- 

Wow props for finding and playing it. Thanks for the feedback.

I know that was quite a whoops. I was playing once and hit backspace, went back on my browser, and lost all my progress

Thanks for playing and feedback appreciated.

The concept is you are on a space ship with a virtual reality treadmill that takes you to beautiful environments for exercise and pleasure.

Yoo, thanks for giving it a play, and sure. Feel free to send me a link if you have a game in LD39 as well!

Music was intense! It pumped me up and got me wanting to play more! I got victory btw. Really clever level design and interpretation of theme

Thanks. The idea was for the user to find a balance between field of view and health points via the dig / shop mechanics. So you technically don't need all 3 nuggets in order to pass a level. I'm glad you gave it a play and took the time to leave feedback! Keep trying and maybe you'll get a cheesy victory quote if you beet all the levles, I dunno... ;)

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Beautiful color palette! Edit: And nice work on the game page too...