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Idk about 45 minute guy down there, but this thing took me a good couple hours. I've not played a "souls-like" so learning how to move and fight and stuff took me a bit longer...

I love the shadows and I think the art is a multi-dimensional masterpiece ;)

Easy Follow, looking forward to updates.

Also I ran this on a 2013 MacBook with an Intel 4k graphics card with 1.5gb ram. Main ram was 8Gb. So pretty old machine. Most of the game ran fine, except the main menu and intro animations were pretty rough. While the main menu and intro were beautiful, it might be nice to set the graphics resolution before starting so I can get a good frame rate and really appreciate the water :)

Also one bug was clicking Continue after completing the demo, I walked among the corpses of my fallen fo, and most if not all of the pickups had re-spawned so I'm super stacked on white pills for the next update ;)