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If you add this , the game will become much awesome. "INSANE GAME CHANGES!"

VERSION: 2.0.0

New Recipe:

1. "Shark Alarm" - This alarm is a bell on a pillar,when the shark want to destroy your foundation this bell alarm you.

RECIPE: 4 Wood , 2 Rope , 5 Scrap .

2. "Bow" - An regullar bow.

RECIPE: 5 Wood , 2 String

3. "Arrows" - Two Arrow's

RECIPE: 1 ROPE , 1 Wood , 2 Scrap.

4. "Fish Net" - A net like the item net but for a fish. (max. capacity:3).This net capture a fish per 20-40 seconds.

RECIPE: 5 Rope .

5. "Wool" - Some wool you can use to make a bed.

RECIPE: 4 Rope.

6. "Bed" - A bed where you can sleep when is night.

RECIPE: 5 Wood,3 Wool.

7. "String" (HSLEGACY IDEEA) - Some string . You can make a bow whit it.

RECIPE: 2 Rope.

New Creature:

1. SeaGull - A gull. Can be killed whit arrows.

DROPS: Gull meat (can be cooked)

2.Salmon Fish - New fish type.

DROPS: Salmon Fish (can be cooked)

Game Changes:

1. Stacks increased to 16.

2. Day Time & Night Time.

If you guys want that changes hit the ^ button please. :)

Please notify me on email if you add this. "ana_cool10@yahoo.com"


hit the ^ button? you forgot to say hit it 67 times because they will trust me. 10/10 for the thinking!




Having worked with arrows IRL, I know that feathers are needed for the fletching (the three things at the back end of the arrow). Perhaps there should be an easy way to gather some feathers just by scaring the sea gulls or pulling them out of the water like scrap and planks. I think it would only take one metal scrap to make the arrow head.

With the bow, I know it might seem like rope is what you'd need, but bows actually require a finer material: string. Maybe a recipe for that could be added as well?

Wool seems unlikely on the ocean (because it comes from land-based animals), but maybe fabric scraps could be gathered from barrels? Cotton seeds would be another idea. They could be planted in crop plots.

All your other ideas are pretty solid, though.


thx togheter we can make the developer to see that ideeas. If he do it, the game will be insane!