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Replied to Greuslich in Help Tutorial

i dont find any vid about this

Created a new topic Help Tutorial

An starting tutorial. For me is hard this game i just started i understand nothing.

thx togheter we can make the developer to see that ideeas. If he do it, the game will be insane!



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If you add this , the game will become much awesome. "INSANE GAME CHANGES!"

VERSION: 2.0.0

New Recipe:

1. "Shark Alarm" - This alarm is a bell on a pillar,when the shark want to destroy your foundation this bell alarm you.

RECIPE: 4 Wood , 2 Rope , 5 Scrap .

2. "Bow" - An regullar bow.

RECIPE: 5 Wood , 2 String

3. "Arrows" - Two Arrow's

RECIPE: 1 ROPE , 1 Wood , 2 Scrap.

4. "Fish Net" - A net like the item net but for a fish. (max. capacity:3).This net capture a fish per 20-40 seconds.

RECIPE: 5 Rope .

5. "Wool" - Some wool you can use to make a bed.

RECIPE: 4 Rope.

6. "Bed" - A bed where you can sleep when is night.

RECIPE: 5 Wood,3 Wool.

7. "String" (HSLEGACY IDEEA) - Some string . You can make a bow whit it.

RECIPE: 2 Rope.

New Creature:

1. SeaGull - A gull. Can be killed whit arrows.

DROPS: Gull meat (can be cooked)

2.Salmon Fish - New fish type.

DROPS: Salmon Fish (can be cooked)

Game Changes:

1. Stacks increased to 16.

2. Day Time & Night Time.

If you guys want that changes hit the ^ button please. :)

Please notify me on email if you add this. "ana_cool10@yahoo.com"