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cute! would have preferred if the green text/ "options" repeated once. when the first green option came up, i didn't know what the other one was going to be, so if i stayed around to wait.. but preferred the 1st option, i had to watch the text repeat again. which made it feel like i wasn't progressing as much as i would have liked to. but i love that when i read the game, i felt like i was reading it in a robot voice. but the characters were cute and it felt like a childhood backyard D&D story lol

Thanks! After my friend played it, he told me "god forbid you make a D&D campaign..." so it's not just you :)

I definitely agree on the option selection. My only issue with making the options repeat is that it might violate my (admittedly strict) "only one word" policy. In another comment I had an idea to make clicking on a choice highlight it, and it would only proceed with that one after it had shown you all the other options. You could also change your chosen option if you like the next one better.