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follows the only 1 theme really well. I found myself getting a little bored throughout it because it felt a little slow and there was little satisfying feedback of things expanding even though i knew they were. It might help to limit the player to only seeing a couple things at first (like only the small house) but once they got to 5 people then a little reward icon would pop up and the house icon would glow, you click on the house icon and see there is a new medium size house option that is glowing to let players know exactly what was achieved. another option for satisfying feedback would be to have the population counter shake or pulse or have a green plus sign pop out of it when a new member was in the town (negative effect when you lose members) these are just small things, but i know the game jam was only 48 hours lol. i really enjoyed having to manage and juggle my resources one at a time. i wished it was a little faster. good job!!

cute! would have preferred if the green text/ "options" repeated once. when the first green option came up, i didn't know what the other one was going to be, so if i stayed around to wait.. but preferred the 1st option, i had to watch the text repeat again. which made it feel like i wasn't progressing as much as i would have liked to. but i love that when i read the game, i felt like i was reading it in a robot voice. but the characters were cute and it felt like a childhood backyard D&D story lol

fun game! made me laugh!

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Really cool game! I felt myself adapting as I was playing and as the levels were getting harder. I really enjoyed the jumping and throwing to climb. Art  was really beautiful, sounds were satisfying, jump mechanic felt really smooth, and bouncing/the slight stick off the walls was really really cool. Only better thing to add might be to add more interesting monsters! Amazing job!
play our game if you want to! :D

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As a Dev, I really enjoy playing this game we made by myself and with friends! The art is so cute and magical.  I love the concept of switching between roles of the 3 characters and trying to manage your time, resources, and roles with only one player at a time to defeat the slimes!