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Oh, that didn't even cross my mind! My apologies. Would someone with dyslexia typically be able to get to the options section? Or should it start from the beginning with a dyslexia-friendly font?

Thanks! After my friend played it, he told me "god forbid you make a D&D campaign..." so it's not just you :)

I definitely agree on the option selection. My only issue with making the options repeat is that it might violate my (admittedly strict) "only one word" policy. In another comment I had an idea to make clicking on a choice highlight it, and it would only proceed with that one after it had shown you all the other options. You could also change your chosen option if you like the next one better.

Thank you so much! And you're right, it does take a moment to realize what the green options are telling you. Since the "choice" text uses a different timing system, I probably could have made a separate WPM setting for it. That would make it easier to use for everyone. Ah well, maybe next time ;)

Thank you for the feedback! I did actually consider doing something like "you wonder whether you should fight the bear or run away" with your choices then being "fight" or "run" but, as you say, I felt that would go against the spirit of only using one word.

Perhaps you could click once to select a choice, and then it would only proceed after it cycled through the rest of the options... It would give you the opportunity to change at any time and would let you see all the options without breaking the "one word" theme.

I wanted to pick an idea that would be seemingly impossible with "only one." I ended up doing a text adventure with only one word, and I think it turned out pretty well!