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We're glad you like the writing and the atmosphere! We were going for a spooky abandoned laboratory studying things that should not be known, and I'm happy that spooky vibe came across for you.

The puzzles are less about "turning in circles" and more about simply "not looking at something." While you're looking at one of the quantum objects, it's locked to that position only, but the second you look away it will change position. But I can totally understand why they didn't work as well for you. With only this mechanic in a vacuum, it's difficult to make a puzzle that teaches you the mechanics, but that also can't be solved by brute force/spinning the mouse around. It's the sort of problem that can only be solved by a lot of refined level design and playtesting (which you have also helped with!) Funnily enough, I never even thought to walk out of the stair room backwards, I always looked sideways or downwards at the stairs when climbing. So thanks for showing me an alternative way of solving the puzzle!

Not sure what to do about you feeling sick. Maybe it has something to do with the FOV, or the mouse sensitivity? Hard to say for sure, but we'd definitely like to avoid that in the future. First person shooter-style games can be hit-or-miss with some people.

And you can totally make a video featuring our game! We look forward to seeing what you have to say :)

This is my favorite game of the jam so far, and honestly one of my favorite games of the past few months! The sense of humor, the surrealism, the clue-hunting outside of the game, the puzzles, and everything else was incredibly fun and satisfying.

[SPOILERS] Here are the parts I struggled with, in case you ever want to make some edits!


The font makes the letter 'E' look a lot like a 'B' which really threw me off in the rightmost plant room.

It took me a long time to realize where the flower room was, because you can't go into the left room until you unlock the third eye (by which point I assumed there was nothing to the left of the portal). Maybe this could be fixed by adding arrows showing the direction of other rooms when you use the third eye?

I still have no idea what the boxes with x's inside of them mean in the jumping room. I just held down random letters until the boxes appeared.

The only part I needed the walkthrough for was the final puzzle. I feel that there might be just a few too many puzzle pieces you need to string together in the exact right order.


I just gotta say it again though, incredible game. I can't believe you managed to make all these elaborate puzzles in only 48 hours!

Thanks for the support! Yeah, the Red Keycard puzzle seems to be the most difficult so far. I think it's because, like you said, after you get all the stairs in one place you have to ALSO make sure they don't disappear from under you. If we remake this, those concepts will definitely be introduced one at a time. I'm glad you liked it overall!

Thank you! We did notice the environment was a little dark (but only after we uploaded it, of course -.-) You can change the mouse sensitivity via the options menu with P, though!

Very interesting concept! I beat the game with 202 moves and 110 pushes. In the beginning I tried to move up 4 times and every time the guy didn't understand what I was saying which heavily confused me, but after I figured out that he's just an unreliable listener it got a lot more funny. It was also very amusing when jumped into a cliff and said "whoops, my finger slipped", though I imagine it could get tedious if it happened more than once. I felt the music was somewhat repetitive, maybe a "mute" command would be nice. I also would appreciate it if "move"ing into a block would automatically push it, so that you could type "move left 6" without having to type "push left move left" 3 times. But overall, very interesting concept with characters I'd like to learn more about! Maybe there could be a plotline about why this YouTuber is so bad at listening, lol.

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Thank you! We were definitely strongly influenced by Outer Wilds, and I'm glad you think we pulled it off well :)

As for locking yourself out, sorry about the confusion. You can switch which item you're holding by pressing the number keys or using the scrollwheel. I just forgot to mention that in the game!

Edit: I updated the description of the main game page so hopefully others won't suffer the same fate!

Thanks for the suggestion about the environment! I agree, that would definitely add to the aesthetic of the game. Watching some other people play this, they too struggled with the Red Keycard, so you're not alone! I think it's because the puzzle is teaching the player two things at once, rather than going one step at a time. That's the sort of thing that could be alleviated by adding more levels, which we might do after the jam is over. Thanks for the kind words!

Oh, that didn't even cross my mind! My apologies. Would someone with dyslexia typically be able to get to the options section? Or should it start from the beginning with a dyslexia-friendly font?

Thanks! After my friend played it, he told me "god forbid you make a D&D campaign..." so it's not just you :)

I definitely agree on the option selection. My only issue with making the options repeat is that it might violate my (admittedly strict) "only one word" policy. In another comment I had an idea to make clicking on a choice highlight it, and it would only proceed with that one after it had shown you all the other options. You could also change your chosen option if you like the next one better.

Thank you so much! And you're right, it does take a moment to realize what the green options are telling you. Since the "choice" text uses a different timing system, I probably could have made a separate WPM setting for it. That would make it easier to use for everyone. Ah well, maybe next time ;)

Thank you for the feedback! I did actually consider doing something like "you wonder whether you should fight the bear or run away" with your choices then being "fight" or "run" but, as you say, I felt that would go against the spirit of only using one word.

Perhaps you could click once to select a choice, and then it would only proceed after it cycled through the rest of the options... It would give you the opportunity to change at any time and would let you see all the options without breaking the "one word" theme.

I wanted to pick an idea that would be seemingly impossible with "only one." I ended up doing a text adventure with only one word, and I think it turned out pretty well!