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Chests do NOT save on Menu or Exit. Lost tons of resources (on Mac)

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Chests are working and saving perfectly fine for me. Tried it with all items but Palm Seeds and Fishing Rods

xSaphy- What version of the game are you using? 64 or 32 bit? MAC or Windows?


My chests also didn't save any resources. The first time i exited, they saved fine. The second time and all my stuff disappeared.

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Same thing happened here. I quit due to a bug where no items were spawned in the water. I relogged and everything was okay. I restarted an hour later and everything was gone (all my chests resources, 7 from the 8 potato farms and all my cooking grills and fishing nets were empty). This needs a fix (inventory was still okay).

Edit: OS: Windows 10!


Exact same thing, and I also have a Mac. The chest I made before my first save works perfectly, but the chests I made afterwards (on different saves) always empty out. I lost 6 chests worth of stuff T_T

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Same thing happened to me. Exited to menu to save and went back in to find all chests and both types of planter (palm and potato) empty. Inventory was fine and I'd emptied the nets before I saved so I can't comment on that.

Running the 64-bit version on Windows 7 PC.


Same problem here. Saved once, chests were fine. Exit/save a second time and lost two full chests of potatoes and scrap.


Yeah, I lost 12 chests worth of items and I'm set with only a chest of scrap and potatoes and my inventory.

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Same issue for me as well. I had 4 to 5 chests full of resources and after saving by going to menu or exit saving, all chests get emptied. however your inventory stays the same. As a workaround, if I save, I move as much as I can to inventory first. This definitely need to be fixed. Also, anything in the nets disappears as well, but that is tolerable.

Edit - Using Windows 10 and the 64 bit version 1.04.

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Same here, some chests are working fine, but others get emptied each time I log out. 100 ropes R.I.P. Using Windows 10 and the 32 bit version 1.04.


Same Problem! PLEASE FIX.......


There is a really wierd bug with chests for me, the items disappear in some chests but correctly save in others. It's somehow based on number of chests placed in the world or on their distance from the original spawn point, here's a video where i show what happens:


At the end i show where my original spawn point is, right between the big group of chests and the cookers.


Thank you for posting a video on this, helps us fix the bug faster


al GUARDAR Objetos en los cofres y GUARDAR La Partida
CUANDO entrás otra vez los Objetos del cofre desaparecen quisiera Que puedan Arreglar ESE error por favor

Deleted post

Thanks for reporting this and we are sorry for the troubles. We will try our best to fix this bug

There needs to be some kind of dobug/cheat/creative mode or just console commands to add items once you loose them due to chests not saving items or some other bug.


i lose ALL the stuff out my chests and crockplots and tree plots and cooking stations and water purifiers and nets.


Has any of you perhaps died and recovered your save? Chests were saving fine before that happened to me, when i died and recovered my save the items started disappearing, now i'm on a new game and so far items are saving fine so that might be somehow connected.


I also have experienced the bug where all items have disappeared from chests after loading a save. Also palm trees and potatoes have disappeared. Currently I play Raft v1.04 on a Vista Ultimate 64-bit where it runs OK. I can upload the rgd file if told how to.


same issue with me.

Just encountered this problem as well. Windows 7 64Bit

I'm using the Windows 64bit version and also i use Windows 8

when i leave and come back on. my own characters inventory remains but not the chests inventory and one or two of my food or water or both disappear. also both of my chests were around spawn. and one had lots of potatos an the other had lots of wood an scrap.but not full.

i think the chest glitch is caused by to much items in chests. because i did a test and put only 9 wood in one of the chest and came back on twice and the 9 wood was still there. also both of my chest are around spawn and next to each other i only had two chest in that world.

this may be diffrent for other people


i have 20 Foundations.no stairs.4 Cropplots.5 Cooking stations.5 Water purifiers.2 Chests.5 item nets.

i tried my best to tell it with much detail~

For me it was the same (PC), but it only happens when I go to menu from the game. If I just close the game instead of going to menu my chests save fine.

Same thing on windows. I lost all my food, water, and all but one of my trees this way.