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I learned how to make a game in 2-3 days, this was a stressfull but nice expirience, i'm very happy with myself, tho my friend claims my game is unbeatable :D (lies. i can beat it in 10 minutes but that may be becouse i made it).

Thank you for giving me a push and a nice challange to finally make a game!

ooooooh ok, i will try but learning how to make a game in 34 hours will be an expirience :D

I thought it required a lot of coding skills or a paid licence for gamemaker to make a game but you say i can make games with paint, how?


The game is really great, i like it very much!

I noticed that in data.ini there is a lot of space left for passions, details, jobs and names but if you add new ones the game doesn't seem to use them. Could you make it so if a player adds something there it shows up in game?

There needs to be some kind of dobug/cheat/creative mode or just console commands to add items once you loose them due to chests not saving items or some other bug.

Has any of you perhaps died and recovered your save? Chests were saving fine before that happened to me, when i died and recovered my save the items started disappearing, now i'm on a new game and so far items are saving fine so that might be somehow connected.

There is a really wierd bug with chests for me, the items disappear in some chests but correctly save in others. It's somehow based on number of chests placed in the world or on their distance from the original spawn point, here's a video where i show what happens:

At the end i show where my original spawn point is, right between the big group of chests and the cookers.

The story is not very engaging, the gameplay is kinda boring but i fucking love the art style man! The game looks SO DAMN GOOD! I love it!

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Is there any way i could disable the typing? It's really annoying, i would personally prefer if you could just click on a thing you wanna say instead of pounding on the keyboard without any purpose...

Download not working :(

Could you update it?

Download not working :(

Could you update it?