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hi....i got stack beetwen a pillar and the floor...can I brake the pillar..if yes...how?


With an axe :D


This is a Bug Reports page. Not for requesting help.


i know...but the fact that i was stuck was totally a bug...


mate he got stuck did you not read? get stuck is a bug/glitch


Its not a bug. If he got stuck, it's because he probably built things around him without realising he'd be stuck and now he wants to get out, he went to the wrong page to get help.

yes you can, but you have to search for the right angle if they didn't patch it

axe can break floor but maby piller i have not tryed it yet

i got stuck in foundation after some 1-2 hr of playing

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The Disapearing items from chests glitch/bug is still in the game! ( Version 1.05 ) i already made a post about its the 700+ post and i am pretty sure i won't get noticed there so..... please fix