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Nice interesting, not what I was expecting. Love the HP theme are you a big fan?

The gameplay was simple to understand and could be picked up quickly, I would suggest changing the controls for the comets as this was the only thing I didn't understand at first. 

I did love how powerful you felt as Cthulhu, which due to the lore around it fits very well. 


Thanks, Late Panda! I've always been fascinated by cosmic horror but only recently been actively reading/researching it. Great feedback about the comets. Basically the mechanic is you grab a lifeboat and then you can summon a comet to throw but I ran out of time to explain that better. Appreciate your comment!


Yeah, I managed to figure that out but by the time I got it my health was low. 

Thankfully you added the mechanic to regain, so I got through the robo boss