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Exceptionally cool concept and honestly a very fun platformer of which I'm not normally that interested in. As others have said, it is kinda buggy and needs some quality of life changes, such as maybe having the yo-yo rubber band a little bit closer to the cursor mark, and making the cursor and yo-yo a different color set to help differentiate where you are actually placing the your cursor. All the qualms I have with the game should be followed with my excitement to see more out of this game with the fixes, and that I have played countless early access games that are not nearly as refined or interesting from full studios of professionals. 

Keep up the great work and I'm excited to see how well both Ralph and Sarah do in their future.

Thank you so much for the great feedback! We will keep in mind those suggestions, I understand it may be hard to differentiate the cursor from the yo-yo. We are thrilled to hear that you enjoyed our game!