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A wonderful take on the theme! The gameplay feels nice and punchy, the music also drives the action forward

I do feel that an opportunity was missed to make the weapons more distinct, especially the laser! I feel that if it had a longer range and perhaps a little less damage, it would have been fun to line up an entire room of enemies.

On the other hand, the variety of enemies is  refreshing!

Good job, the both of you~


Thank you very much.

I think the weapons are already quite distinct, because we have three types. Shoot (pistol, shotgun), slice (sword), explode (rocket, grenade) and fry (laser). All do different kind of damage and are different to use. So, I can't follow you here. Maybe  you want to explain this a little more.

We also spend a lot of time teaking the weapons and their spawn rates, but yeah, the laser mybe turned out a little overpowered, but has a low spawn rate. For your lining up idea, we wanted ot implement some sort of BFG 9000 from the Doom series, but it didn't make it into the game, but that would have basically done what you want :D

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