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This idea is really fantastic. The green light/solid shadow mechanic in particular is incredibly innovative, I don't think I've seen anything like it, awesome job!

I wish there was a way to scroll through the level and see what lights were coming up; it felt like for some of the longer levels it would take me a few tries to just see that there was a light coming up that I needed to click. It also felt like the double jump was a little unresponsive, but that might just be me being bad.

There's a lot of really great design here. I really like the mechanic of turning a green light off, and then immediately turning it back on once the shadows are beneficial to you. Excellent work!

Thank you sooo much for your feedback! You're indeed right the double jump, I only implemented it correctly for SPACE (forgot to to add the W/UP_ARROW), but it should workd perfectly fine with SPACE :)