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Beat it! I like this idea a lot, and it's very unique. There are some usability issues with it that if fixed could make this game evne more awesome.

The string not being attached to the yo-yo makes it quite difficult to work out exactly what it is that is happening. Sometimes the yo-yo phases through the wall and it's not clear why. I think if you made the yo-yo disappear when it wasn't actively being used, or maybe have 50% alpha, you might be able to fix this.

I couldn't quite get the hang of swinging, I just had to keep bumping against the wall until I finally got up. I think the best game for getting this kind of swinging feeling right is Worms, with the ninja rope. If the yo-yo felt like the ninja rope I think that would be amazing, especially if the string deformed too.

Image result for worms armageddon ninja rope

Example: somebody created this in Unity
All in all, great gamejam entry, I've rated it highly. With a bit more polish to make it "feel" better it would be even more fun.

- Joe

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Thank you for such detailed feedback. I'm so happy you stuck with our semi-functional game! 

Both Sarah and I completely agree with all of the issues you bring up. At some point in the jam we realized that we couldn't figure out how to make the yo-yo any better and had to work with what we had. This jam has been such a great learning experience for us and all of the feedback we have received makes us want to work harder and learn more. We could make the yo-yo disappear and have a little animation of them putting it in their pocket and taking it out. Also, seeing that GIF of the string bending with the terrain makes me excited to learn how to do that so thank you for the suggestion.


An important part of a GameJam is knowing when to start cutting, and what to cut. I think if you had prioritized anything else than what you did, the game probably would've suffered as a result - so I think you made the right calls. You made something really great given the time constriants, and with a bit more time I know you guys could make it even more awesome.

- Joe