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Hey, I played & beat this game both by surviving and by gathering 100 volts! Here's my feedback:

I absolutely love the attention to detail in this game. Each time you hit a tile, the screen slightly shakes, everything (including the background) shifts color to match the charge, and the little cube changes charge sign as well. This is a nice twist on classic phone games, like Gravity Guy (and could actually make a pretty good ios/android game). Also liked the error messages like 404: electrodud not found (nice twist on a common error haha). Oh, and the background is very simple, but quite awesome. It'd been nice to also see other electroduds jumping up & down in the background tiles. Would've made sense with the game's theme and would've been a nice detail for someone to realize.

I think moving the volt count and the survival timer to another part of the screen would be way better. While playing, I was kind of bothered by how much of the center of the screen both of them occupied. I understand that you want the top to be free, but perhaps having a top bar for this would be better. On the timer: I really think there should be a way to tell the time without having to explicitly look at the number. I'm too busy focusing on not dying/maximizing my score while playing, so I had a rough time gazing away to see how much time I had left. I think speeding up the music or changing the color/making the timer blink faster and faster when running out of time would be way better.

Oh, and I found a slight bug: the music won't loop in games that take place after the player wins (won by timer the first time and this happened). 

Overall, amazing job, I had a very good time playing your game! 

Thank you very much for the detailed feedback! And I'm real glad to hear you enjoyed the game! Believe it or not, I was going to add other electroduds bouncing around in the background, but simply ran out of time to animate it with the background. And that's a completely fair and valid complaint about the UI block. Even I didn't like where I placed it, but I couldn't think of anything else to do. I also tried to make it slightly transparent, so it wouldn't be as much of a focal point (y'know, compensating for an already bad choice), but my code was so filled with spaghetti that it didn't work. And fair call on there needing to be more indication of how much time is left without looking at the timer. And finally, thank you for pointing out that bug - I know exactly what caused it just from thinking about the code, and am now internally face-palming.

Thank you very much for your time playing this game!