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Neat little idea. I think this would be fun as part of a collection set of minigames, sort of like Wario Ware, that maybe can be uses on mobile devices where the maki keeps appearing in different parts of the plate and you have to be the fastest at tapping it. Maybe even get a chance to knock it out of your opponent's hands if you can tap at their chopstick's week point or something like that.

It's hard to play games that require multiple people in a Jam because 99% of the time the ones rating is a single person playing the game. Still, I get where you were going with this. :)

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Thank you very much for your feedback:  the game is actually inspired by Wario Ware series, even if not completely intentionally (apparently Wario forged my soul, ahaha).

I will surely add more minigames in the future following this crazy aesthetic and I think this could be a nice mobile game, too.
I really love the idea of multiple maki appearing on the screen, I'm going to write it down <3

Thank you for playing ^_^