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I feel every word you wrote, getting (almost any kind of) feedback is a big boost <3

Keep developing your ideas and working on your skills: elegance and polishness comes with practice and time (and in jams there's no time at all, ahahaha).

Can't wait to see an enanched version of this game and your next projects too!

Have a nice day, buddy <3

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That's a very clever puzzle, I really loved the level introducing the ricochet mechanic: it gave me that nice  Eureka moment (I literally screamed  "AH-AH!").

It is also quite addictive, I'm going back to play.

Really good job!

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Thank you very much for your feedback:  the game is actually inspired by Wario Ware series, even if not completely intentionally (apparently Wario forged my soul, ahaha).

I will surely add more minigames in the future following this crazy aesthetic and I think this could be a nice mobile game, too.
I really love the idea of multiple maki appearing on the screen, I'm going to write it down <3

Thank you for playing ^_^

I read them but since "GET" didn't appear very often I forgot that I could do that.

Cool game even if it needs dome polishing: doors get in front of the player and the movement is a little out of control (I don't know if it is intentional).

I hope to see more levels in the future.

Keep up the good work!

Really simple game but it could get more interesting when you'll add other minigames.

I had some trouble understang what were the effectsof the three powers, so maybe more straightforward icons (maybe with a little name under them) could be useful. Moveover since you don't usually use the arrow keys it took me a while to understand how the "GET" minigame worked: I just forgot I could move.

Anyway this could be a really nice project when it will get more content. Good job!

This actually helped me right now. I had a really bad day since I read an unintentionally mean answer in one of my game's playtesting surveys so I was very demotivated about it. This cheered me up a bit.

Thank you, Pineapple <3

Really good entry: I appreciated the change of color in the cursor before the explosion, it really gives valuable informations without ruining the experience. 

The mobile version needs a quit button (or maybe I didn't see it) 

A cool down bar would be  extremely useful. Since I didn't understand shooting I began using just melee attacks. It is good, it's visually nice and has  good feedback. 

I really like the art and the concept of this game but I think there are too little  things to do and it really need a good soundtrack to set the mood.

I hope to see more levels and puzzles in the future.

I loved this so much: the theme, the music, the art and style of the game <3 Gorgeous!

It has just a little letdown: it is really hard to be accurate when shooting becaus the jump is really fast.

Incredible game, anyway!

I loved this game! The art is so clean and silly, i really enjoyed both the crystals mechanic (wonderful idea) and all the puns with characters  name <3 Nie music too!

Lovely and challenging<3

Love the concept: having just a parameter adds a level of complexity in resource management.

Gameplay-wise I'm not really satisfied: I couldn't understand when I could shoot, since there are many weapon with different fire rates I'd prefer having a visual feedback when the shot is ready.

With some adjustments it could be a great game. Keep working hard!

Don't worry about the mapping problem, it's totally fine ^_^ all the more this is a prototype, you had no time to think about accessibility at this stage of delevopment.

I had some problems figuring out how to follow the recipe and also struggled a little with controls because the character moves very fast and it is hard to select precisely a place on the table.

I really liked the music and graphics.

Nice job!

I loved this game! You managed to keep a good variety of action and gameplay even with a single button. I like how the graphic style and limitation is  justified by the story.

That was a really unique experience.

Great job!

I really liked this game: it is well polished and the recall mechanic gives the possibility to make some stylish multikill.

Probably the normal attack is a little useless since throwing the sword is more safe and efficient.

Anyway, really good work!

I know time is a real tyrant, you did a nice job anyway.

Keep up the good work! <3

Aahahaha,  that was really funny!

I love the main menu and the help section.

From a gameplay persective it is not really good and it needs a lot of balancing but those SFX and the graphics are just too funny. Makes me laugh all the time <3

Good job!

Your idea is very cool and original but I think it requires some tuning. 

In my opinion the biggest dealbreaker is switching layers because is a little frustrating sinche they are in a certain order. I'd prefer to  have a single button for each layer so I can decide which one is active and do it faster. 

Visually is a little grainy and  the UI is also reaaally big and invasive (but that's an easy fix).

I also kinda struggled with the inputs because I'm left handed (but that's my problem, ahahaha)

I think that polishing art and UI will be a great upgrade! Keep developing this, it is really original!

Thank you very much <3