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Hey-ooooh! Feedback time!

I played the game twice and overall I really loved it: it's fun to play, the story is simple but cool and it has a really nice aesthetic and atmosphere.

And now you get lists. Because that's what I do. 

--What I loved--

- Controls and game feel is really nice: it really feels good moving around, dashing and slaying vampires;

- Story, dialogues, sound and level design reinforced the theme quite well. The big stairway near the end had a similar vibe to the stairway to Dracula's room in Castlevania <3;

- Bosses were fun to fight and test player's mastery of the latest ability learned (loved the Countess <3);

- Camera variations are flawless;

-Really nice UI *chef's kiss*.

--What went wrong--

- Though audio feedbacks are alright I would have love to receive more visual feedbacks to enhance clarity: particularly visual feedbacks on hit, like flashing (for both player and enemies) and some feedback (audio and video) to tell the player has no garlic blood to perform a skill. It could be, for example, the garlic blood icon with an X appearing on top of the character (I noticed the skill flashing red but while playing my gaze was focused was on the character);

- Obtaining the garlic blood skill ("U" key) unlocks every other skill;

- On my first playthrough Dracula got stuck on the floor in the well at the end of the room, phased the floor and changed room (leaving me trapped in the boss arena);

- Garlic blood waves skill ("O" key) could use some balancing because it is REALLY powerful and it's easy to abuse it (it gives a good power fantasy feeling, though);

- Dashing with "C" is a little uncomfortable because it uses the same finger needed to go forward, I would have preferred dashing with my pinky finger (using "Shift" or something like that);

- It's a shame that Dracula doesn't have his own sprite but I guess it was a time-related issue (loved him nonetheless).

--Ideas for future iterations--

- Crouching could add more complexity and room for mastery: it could be used to aim on stairs or to dodge certain attacks;

- Adding a tooltip with skill descriptions, appearing when holding down a skill button, could make them easier to undestand and add flavour with skill names.

I hope this comment will be helpful, I loved this game and I look forward its next version <3 Keep up the good work! 

I did it! <3 He tried to escape but I slapped him. With blood.

I'm really curious about the secret ending you talked about during the presentation

I love the pixelart in this game: that donut looks delicious! <3 I was also able to dance on the counter and that's a plus

Thank you, Nomi! The undertale reference made my heart melt <3 I'll work on the narrative as soon as I can! 

This game made my dream come true: I always wanted to be a dog with such powerful legs XD
I love the playful style and this tune is so catchy I can't stop humming it

This concept is so cool it automatically generates  lots of ideas <3

Wow! Wonderful work, really!

Nice game! I really like the sound effects and the music you chose

Thank you very much! Is there something you would like to see in the next version of the game? Or some changes you would like?

I loved this game! Thinking ahead and killing all enemies with a single blow is supersatisfying! Also loved the pixelart: simple and beautiful.

Nice work!

I'll take a note for the next iteration, thank you!

Even if I didn't get past the first level I had a good time playing this game. VFX and SFX are wonderful and I really like the richochet mechanic, that's like a Revolver Ocelot Simulator XD

That said I found the difficulty curve really tough and personally I'd change the color of the walls because in my opinion a red wall is more related to "Danger" than "Rewind"  (but that's a minor issue).

Fantastic game, anyway!

I was really stunned by the art the game, it's really  nice to see but I didn't understand anithing about what I could do or how to do it so it got pretty frustrating soon. I'd implement some kind of tutorial.

Another small issue: there is a problem with the ui canvas in the main menu scene. In my screen all the buttons whereoverlapped in the center of the screen.

I hope you'llmake the game easier to understand because I like its style and I'd like to try it again.

The conept looked really funny I was hyped to play your game, unfrtunately some files are missing :/

I like the idea of using wind-up toys to fit the theme and also navigating the labyrinth is quite fun.

In the beginning I had some problem understanding how to wind up the toy since there is no informations about the controls so I'd implement some tutorials. 

I had some issues understanding what the ball is for: I thought it was a collectibles that rewinded the toy (that would be resonant with the theme) but when I got it nothing happened or at least I didn't notice.

One last thing you should look into: when the wind up bar reaches zero nothing happened to me , no game over or messages.

Anyway really nice idea and level design. Keep working hard! ^^/

Thank you very much! Is there something that bothered you in the game or that you would change?

Thank you very much for your feedback, I'm really glad you liked it. I 'll try softening the curve in the next iteration!

Wonderful game! I really love how you interpreted the theme and it's really good in every department: the character and the world around are very enjoyable, the music is happy and light-hearted and really connected to the character's mood and the game design is very elegant and funny.

Really good work!

Happy to help! Keep up the good work!

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Wonderful game, I really loved its noir aesthetic and your unique take on the theme!

I had some issues with the build but I don't know if they are related to my hardware or to the game itself: after the necklace case the game broke a bit. A chair and a table remained on scene over the main menu to disappear in the level selection screen, then when I finished the knife case  the newspaper was stil about the necklace.

Great work anyway, really! The voice acting was amazing.

The game is very funny, I like the style of it (and loved the Soul Eater-like Death). 

Sometimes I felt like I had the right timing but the character didn't move (probably I was not XD). Anyway it could be useful a visual feedback about the timing, like the beating heart in  Crypt of the Necrodancer, to make an example.

Good work anyway!

If there was I'm sorry: probably my pc have some issue with the software running the game because I can't hear the audio.

This game was absolutely fantastic, I really couldn't stop playing. 

I loved how you explored the many possibilities of the rewind mechanic and I liked also the art of the game: I found it simple and beautiful, moreover you managed to give all the information the player needs integrating the tutorial in the world of the game.

Really nice work!

Your art style us gorgeous anyway, it really set the mood and create a great atmosphere. 

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Is there something you would change (or add)? 

Thank you for your feedback! 

Wow! That's a wonderful first try! Congratulations, keep working hard 

Thank you, I'll try to fix that in the next version

I really liked the characters both reguarding art and characterization and I loved how you presented Dean's insecurity (that is also very relatable).

It was a kice experience but I kinda felt like it left me hanging (like it's just the beginning of something).

Anyway really nice work, it has a good athmosphere: if you could add some nice music it will benefit a lot.

Thank you very much! Feel free to tell me if something was off for you or if you would change anythin

The game is really nice: I really love the art and the gameplay is simple but funny.

I  think there's some mechanics I didn't get, for example I have no idea what the red circle is.

I'd prefer an attack button on keyboard but that's just a personal preference.

Lastly I noticed that the intro cutscene resolution was way bigger than my screen ( I don't know if it was the game or my pc who has a problem XD)

Nice work, anyway!

I really like your take on the theme but there are  some minor issues that have a bad influence on the overall experience.

I had no idea about the controls and had to figure out how the rewind mechanic works via trial and error.  Moreover it would be very usefule to have a start button on the keyboard instead of using the mouse and then switching quickly to the keyboard.

It was also very frustrating to restart manually everytime  I died since there's no respawn.

Once these minor issues are resolved it will be a great game, in my opinion.

The theming is really good and it is aesthetically stunning. Nice job there!

I really love the idea of choosing your movement strategically and thinking ahead.

In the beginning I had some trouble understanding that I was playing only one of the two robots: I saw the icons on top but I think an indication on the character would be helpful (for example giving a darker color to the inatiove robot).

Nice job also on the art side, it is really lovely.

Thank you for your feedback! I'll try adding both visual and audio feedback in the next iterations

I totally understand: there's also too much to do and too little time XDanyway it is really a minor issue, that's still a wonderful game!

Fantastic, really! I like the concept, art, music and MILO!

It gave me a really good feeling when I thought "if the dart could pierce ballons it would be perfect, that's a shame!" and then here it is in the upgrade menu!

Wonderful work! Probably my favourite so far (I hope you won't mind if I follow you XD).

It was relly funny and I'm alway impressed when someone gets such a result with a single button game.

Rotating out of control smashing watermelon made me laugh a lot.