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I have several negative things to say about the game, the balance is non-existant, there is no direction and the controls are rage inducing. On the positive, the game is unique, with better controls and balance it has potential. I see it as an attempt to do an ambicious game with not enough time. Keep going at it, there is something good that can be found inside this game but its not being shown here.

Theme, sorry, i dont really see it.

Originality, what i mentionend earlier, there is a nugget of gold hidden inside the game, its truly original and it can become a great game, as Mark would say this has potench and its unique. Dont be discouraged and pursue this concept with a better aproach.

Hi, I am the maker of the game. I agree completely with you and I will be making a post jam version of this game.

 One of the things I wanted to do is make proper keyboard controls for moving and producing ants.

 By the way, it tried to fit the theme by making all units act as one. It was suppose to have a story about a fungus infecting ants and controlling them which gave the limitation/advantage of all your ants moving as one. Hence the "only one" part of the game.


Oh thats right, i skimmed by the fact that you move as one, ill update the rating now because the theme is there and i was just being dumb.

Thanks! I understand not catching it right away lol.


I agree that it's an ambitious game with not enough time! Maybe if we did it in a month or two it'd be a really decent game. We didn't even have time to add music, even though I did at least one tune for it.

If you didn't see the theme it's because you move all ants at once, but looking back that doesn't work too well with the gameplay; we only did that because otherwise the game would get a bit too complicated for the theme. That'd get removed in a more developed version in the game, though.


I personally feel that the only one action per unit is a good idea. We just have to build the levels for it.

Not just a good idea, it's what every good strategy game ever does...

I think I said that wrong lol. I meant one action for all your units.
 Doing what every other strategy game has done is boring lol.
We just need some good ideas for moving all your units as one.