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Unfortunately I can't find out how to open the exe

Just fixed

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Hence the "bunch of dumb aliens" part

Really good ARPG, hell didn't even expect a game with RPG elements in the first place (if very basic ones), but the idea is cool as are the visuals in particular! The music could get a little work though, as well the gameplay mechanics, but good work there

I actually wanted to make the visuals look a little more detailed, but I'm glad you liked it!

So are your game's!

It was meant to be relatively hard by the way. At least not Ninja Gaiden levels of ball-busting hardness, but you get what I mean

I didn't have time to add the UI, but at least I can warn that you only have three hits

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That last bit was intentional; we were going to make the game a bit like a Wario Land 4 stage where you'd reach the end (the computer in this case) and then go back to the beginning within a time limit, but we didn't have enough time to do that so we made it like it is. Would've added the UI showing the remaining health and keycards too, but same excuse. Might release an updated version with those things.

It's also the first time I've created a combat system of sorts, so there's not much I could do about that :P

Not just a good idea, it's what every good strategy game ever does...

Proof that you don't need AAA graphics to make a scary game.

I agree that it's an ambitious game with not enough time! Maybe if we did it in a month or two it'd be a really decent game. We didn't even have time to add music, even though I did at least one tune for it.

If you didn't see the theme it's because you move all ants at once, but looking back that doesn't work too well with the gameplay; we only did that because otherwise the game would get a bit too complicated for the theme. That'd get removed in a more developed version in the game, though.

Someday we will. I'm the guy who had the basic idea, even if I wasn't able to help as much as I would've wanted to :P

Thanks for playing! We'd like to polish the game further and eventually make something more complete, though I'm sure a long time will have to pass before that, let alone effort. And maybe look for someone who can make actual music as opposed to the crud I shat in five minutes or so, haha

Hello, did you join any project yet?