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Very cool game :D! Nice graphics, music and sound effects :)! Great feedback too :D!

Some points/ideas:

  • There's not much to shoot. It would be more interesting if the turret he spawns stayed in the arena until you shot it.
  • The game should get progressively harder.
  • When the enemy is not in motion, you can just click on him, which is less exciting.
  • The ball would actually be very interesting in the combat (just saying)! The rotating effect is awesome :D!

Really liked it :D! Good luck with this game and with future projects :D!


Thanks for the tips I will consider them and pissibly add them to the game! The game does get progressively harder as the enemy speeds up it's attacks and also waits a shorter period of time after every attack. However I do plan to make it more noticable and add attacks that he starts doing at certain scores. And now that I think about it, I don't know why I didn't add the bal into the combat :) . Once again thanks for the great tips and I'm glad you liked the game!