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I really liked the effects you have created for this game. But unfortunately due to the game's controls and balance I didn't enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed it's graphics. It would have been more playable if the number of pulses were unlimited.

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Hi, thanks for playing. If I agree with that our game could use some balance tweaks, I'd disagree on unlimited impulses as it would remove some strategy, some depth.
With limited charges, you have to orbit a planet to charge, slowing you down, loosing some time for the nova to catch up. It serves the gameplay, the art and the narrative. For me it's a core mechanic we shouldn't touch too much.

More planning, less spamming.

Thanks for your feedback ! 

The goal is to escape as far as you can, with unlimited pulses it would get pretty easy ;) We still need to tweak some stuf to make it more enjoyable to play though.


Oh I though only way to get battery back was to catch those small satellites and I avoided the planets since they slowed me down and murdered me! Now the game makes more sense! Yaaay! Its pretty much fun actually!

Happy you like it then ! There is some bugs with the recharge though ><

But good to know it wasn't clear, we will try to fix that ;)


It's ok to have some bugs!

 Now that I know how the game actually works! I would have liked to be able to see a longer distance, it's very hard to react to fast moving meteorites even when I was spamming space to slow down time. There isn't enough time to charge impulse between the meteor entering the camera and reaching me.

Also I noticed that the ship spins a little too slow. The nova start before the game gives me any chance to start towards left.

That are also some stuff we know about and we need to fix XD

Yeah, Nova and comet tweaking are first on my todo list, you're absolutely right! ^^ 


Yeah the game really need a "real" in-game tutorial I think. We tried to add depth with the way you can get back charges, still using only our one button for our only one ship-system (the 1mpulse drive). But it's not obvious to understand how it work, we need to improve that.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and for taking the time to try it again, very much appreciated.