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This game is excellent! As others have said, very polished. The sound really contributes to making moving the pieces feel chunky and satisfying, very tactile! My favorite level was definitely Assassin, the mix of pieces and interesting terrain was great. 

My only complaint was that I felt that possessing pieces outside of the board made the game a bit too easy to the point where I wonder whether you intended it or whether it was a glitch (let me kind of switch my brain off for some levels).

This is something I would love to see expanded into a fully featured game, or at least the main combat mechanic of a fully featured game!


Possessing pieces outside of the board is definitely a bug and not intended 😄. Those were last minute decoration and I forgot to disable the game code on them!

Thanks for playing!


I had a sneaking suspicion that was the case! No worries, it was my pleasure.