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File under "Good games that need to get signal boosted."

This is hands down the kind of game I'd see played in my middle school computer labs while the teacher wasn't looking back in the day. It captures that single-minded purity of the flash games of that day so well, I'm kinda shocked it hasn't picked up more attention just by existing.

The central mechanic is well-realized and reads clearly. The lasers can be a little hard to recognize at first with everything else going on, and I straight-up didn't realize there was a timer at first, but that's kinda the level of quality this submission is at; I'm picking on little stuff that's easily polishable. Well done, guys. Just well done. 

Thanks for the love!

Good point about the timer, I wish I had put a message about "Your shuriken ran out of soul energy" or something on the screen but just couldn't seem to find time to get to thinking about it. 

Signal boosting would be appreciated ;)