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Spend some time with the program, it sounds like you haven't discovered everything yet, there are grasses in the flower menu and ive already added like 3 more for the steam release.

The right mouse button is for looking around, like a first person game. you can orbit by pointing at something and holding Alt

Also click the ? icon, its a quick guide

Nice, ok.  Yeah I wasn't able to get to everything. The controls were really throwing me off. But I'll spend more time with in the steam release.

What about water though? Will there be any chance that we'll be able to paint/control water?

Yeah thats a no. flowing water is beyond my skills. Dont even know where to begin with something like that

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Would you be against user created mods for the Steam version then? There are creators who could make mods for painting water, addtional movement/actions for animals, animal/environmental sounds, other animals that aren't in the base game, etc.