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Ok, so I'm requesting for a refund, but I did find two issues so far: one major and one sorta-kinda major.

First off, it's beautiful. The water is clear, the trees are green and the nature sounds are nice (though I still wouldn't mind just being able to listen to the sounds of my own creation but eh).

The major one would be controls/movement. It's just really awkward and confusing. I move the mouse just a little and my camera spins around, ends up underneath the terrain or stuck. I've tried adjusting the camera controls but even those are confusing and not any help at all. It doesn't pan properly either. I think this might be a big issue for others for the most part. Also, I can't rotate the camera wherever I want. It only seems to rotate the entire map from one angle (one of the corners of the map, spinning the map from that corner, not sure if that makes any sense) rather than just let me rotate the camera. Is that a POV issue?

The sorta-kinda major one is that I can't place water where I want as far as I can tell (unless I'm wrong and I can paint water?). Being able to control and place water on top of or beneath rocks, mountains, or a dug up stream, etc., would be a HUGE bonus. This would allow players to create rivers, lakes, ponds, waterfalls, streams, creeks, etc. Also bonus sorta-kinda major thing would be being able to paint grass. Not just plants and flowers, but grass. Tall grass, short grass, really green grass or dead grass, etc. Water and grass would really change how people create things because then we'd be able to really mould the scapes into some pretty neat stuff. Like maybe creating something that's Venetian style where the streets are rivers. Or maybe creating canals that runs through a town, or maybe even through a castle. Maybe an item that's a sort of "spout" you can set and water will flow from it, and you can choose the size of the spout to control how much water flows from said spout. Being able to add multiple spouts in one spot could create some pretty neat water affects like a geyser, or a waterfall, or a fountain even.

Ok so there was a "No" for a lot of things, that's fair. But the water and grass thing.... Do you think you could swing it in the future or?

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Spend some time with the program, it sounds like you haven't discovered everything yet, there are grasses in the flower menu and ive already added like 3 more for the steam release.

The right mouse button is for looking around, like a first person game. you can orbit by pointing at something and holding Alt

Also click the ? icon, its a quick guide

Nice, ok.  Yeah I wasn't able to get to everything. The controls were really throwing me off. But I'll spend more time with in the steam release.

What about water though? Will there be any chance that we'll be able to paint/control water?

Yeah thats a no. flowing water is beyond my skills. Dont even know where to begin with something like that

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Would you be against user created mods for the Steam version then? There are creators who could make mods for painting water, addtional movement/actions for animals, animal/environmental sounds, other animals that aren't in the base game, etc.