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The game was nicely paced and the enemy variety was pretty good. Some of the enemies were a little less intuitive on what they do and what their weakness was but after you learn their weakness it's all good. I really like killing like 10 blue robe guys at the same time. One thing I would suggest is to add a bit more visual feedback on the death tower's attack animation/projectile; maybe like a death laser or something.

I really did want to do a laser, however Draw events in gamemaker are scary for me and i didn't really find a way to do it with sprites that was worth the time investment, so i had to cut it! I really want some kind of laser lightning thing, a la Kingdom Rush's leveled mage towers. Thanks so much!!

Your game is the first i'll play when i can, i said on discord i would but oh man reviewing one game at a time takes time, and i had a backlog ):

At least people are enjoying the reviews, so it's fun. Playing C|Type tomorrow!