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The game plays pretty well, and it's immediately pretty fun to commandeer a new set of legs and go for it. The last level, while pretty tight in its ordering, shows how fun this mechanic can be. Wish that there could be more puzzley spots like that!

Our largest complaint is how slow the rope-like enemy takes to retract. We spent a decent bit of time waiting for it to come back to us for swordinating purposes.

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Thank you. Too bad I left very little time for level design (I always do this mistake), I was hoping to flesh it out as a puzzle game during idea generation but I had only 1 hour to design all the levels before the deadline, so I kept everything at an introductory level. That's why I didn't put "puzzle" in the tags but I will hopefully do it in the post jam version. Also, I totally agree about the vine monster speed, It also frustrates me and I will surely fix it in the post jam too.