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Distance traveled: 1332

I don't know if that score is anything to be proud of or anything like that but what I can say is that this was a very interesting game to play. When I was at just the right height to eat the bugs I felt awesome and every now and again I'd see them pass me by just a little bit above or below.

That's a pretty solid score! My brother (my only play tester) was getting scores similar to that after a few playthroughs. I'm glad you got the same sort of feelings that I did when playing the game. At first I had it completely fade to black but once I added a little light around the bat it became much more enjoyable being able to see the bugs just long enough to know if you got them or missed them. Unfortunately the particle effects don't work in the web playable build which also made it feel a little better but oh well.

Thanks for playing though. Glad you liked it.