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Cool little game. It would make an awesome NES Light Gun style game! I love the cute pixel art. Very good presentation. Everything pops! I played a couple rounds and made it to level 8.  I wasn't compelled to play any more than that. 

I don't know how much of the game I'm missing after that... I'm guessing it just adds more "enemies". 

I know it's a jam game, but I wish there was something a little bit extra, or some kind of twist, or a simple story line to help draw the player into completing the game. Maybe on one stage you kill everyone EXCEPT the target. That way you can have some fun shooting things along the way. Maybe a boss fight where everyone looks the same except for one attribute. Definitely room to expand on this idea!

Overall 12/15. It's just missing something to pull me back in, it needs a hint of something more behind the curtain.


Thank you for the thoughtful feedback! I love these ideas. I'd really like to expand this into a bigger game and I'll be sure to incorporate them if I do. Maybe even a Wario-Ware type game where the objective constantly changes.