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After some trial and error, it was a lot of fun!

I should say though-- the tutorial screen is comically hard to understand until you actually get to playing.  It certainly makes sense, but only now that I worked out how to actually play the game.

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the tutorial screen is comically hard to understand

I agree :P 

Once I understood it the resource decisions were kind of interesting, but even then I'm not sure if you can beat the game? Looks like the pop cap is 50 and there were 60 enemies. 

Good work on the sound effects and art, I can tell a lot of effort was put into it and gives the game a warcraft vibe. 


clarkwu, yes you can beat the game the there is no pop cap, you get population when you have a bigger army in the fight 
for example

if you have 20 and they have 10 you'll get 10+ pop as an army

 if you have 50 and they have 20 you'll get 30+ pop as an army

so you have to get your army as bigger as you can so you could raise the pop

Ok, I got to turn 100 with that advice!

Thanks for telling me, really enjoyed making all the calculations to balance population, food, and army. I think turn 100 is the end of the game? It threw an exception. This game is very unique and a cool take on the jam. 


Thanks for the feedback and for playing the game, yeah the tutorial needs more work to make it more understandable