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The visuals of this game are insaaane! They look a m a z i n g

It took me a moment to get used to the control but that's probably more a problem with me rather than the game ha, was really fun once I got it! The gameplay is really good with great player rewards coming from the camera zooms and animations that have clearly been very well thought out! And the orbit system is really smooth, I dig it :D

The side bar is really clear and fun, and I really like how all your movements are based around that - it's simple and looks really good!

Really great game and concept and presented beautifully, nice work!


Thank you really much for this awesome feedback ! It's great to see you liked our game that much ^^

We wanted to get a nice feeling right away even if you still need a little "training" to get better.

We put a lot of work to make the orbit system feels nice and logical, nice to see it works :)


Thanks, very much appreciated! 

It's great to see that you noticed al lot of the small details we really wanted to have in this project, thanks for your comment :)