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ok, THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!

The progression of difficulty was suuuper good!

THE ANIMATIONS ARE EVERYTHING! the slo-mo action shot / camera movement are so crisp and clean it made it so rewarding to see your character do its thing, and the little stance he does afterwards is brilliant and a really thoughtful detail.

I love the blood animation, again really rewards the player clear and fun visuals! All the colours have been chosen carefully and represent each thing nicely so you don't get confused which is nice work!  Its overall a very striking game! 

The gameplay was super fun and engaging, it gets trickier and the use of hostages as people you have to not hit was a really great addition. 

I would defo play a full version of this! Amazing job! 



Oh wow! Well that is the best feedback I think i've ever received on anything, ha, so thanks; it really means a lot to me that you enjoyed it!  I definitely have some ideas on fleshing it out for a full project that I'm excited to pursue.  Thanks again!