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Our game has been created in Linux, it is free under the GPLv3 license, and has been created with Godot Engine!

We used the 3.1 version for the first time, loved the new Animation Editor and so on.

And it has Linux builds, of course!

It is a fishing game! You control the bait with only one button. And you want only a certain fish... and it appears only one time! Patience, skill and beautiful art! :D

Please take a look :)

In fact, we encourage you to download and check the native builds. The WebGL (sometimes) gives weird things with the music.

Long live Godot!


my brother and I also made a godot fishing game with one button though from a different angle and with way worst art style

loved yours and reviewed it

if you want to check our, it is a bit rough around the edges but the game design is good